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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 71044 views.
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From: AEGram


Shadow - Visit Pulley & Visit Solar System Model
Shadow - Go to Sunken Chest & Open: Memory Stone (8500) for Viking Canvas for Viking Boat (5700) 
Storyteller Cat - Hurry to Fence & Visit Lurking Chimera
Storyteller Cat - Go to Memory Stone & Check Attic
Storyteller Cat - Go to Merchant's Skeleton & Faithful Friend (6000) 

Pinfeathers - Lighthouse Keeper (10 tasks)       
Lighthouse Keeper - Go to Bremen Musicians & Visit Wall Clock
Lighthouse Keeper - Go to Ship Model & Look into Ancient Scrolls
Lighthouse Keeper - Valkyrie (11 tasks) & Check Lighthouse Keeper's Desk
Valkyrie - Go to Rapunzel's Tower & Look into Marble Fountain
Valkyrie - Find something in Ship Compass & Run to Fishing Net
Valkyrie - Check Food Stall & Examine Dragon Skeleton
Valkyrie - Visit Totem & Go to Imprisoned Vampire
Valkyrie - Check Portal Guard & Look in Telescope
Valkyrie - What's in Book of Knowledge & Immortal Greed (2500)
Valkyrie - Check Ancient Sphere & Visit Gnome King
Valkyrie - Go to Arbor & Look in Altar
Valkyrie - Examine Overgrown Column & Look in Elf Potions
Valkyrie - Explore Stone Garden & Examine Sacred Wolf 
Valkyrie - Go to Drakkar & Check Magic Circle
Lighthouse Keeper - Look in Pirate Loot & Lucky Purse (5900)
Lighthouse Keeper - Visit Gingerbread House & Look in Reading Couch
Lighthouse Keeper - Look at Aquarium & Hurry to Caged Songbirds
Lighthouse Keeper - Go to Watchful Tiger & Look at Adora's Manuscripts
Lighthouse Keeper - Check Minotaur & Visit Cloud Boat
Lighthouse Keeper - You'll have to wait - the ship will return in a future update! 4494/7600

Cost Level 95 (so far) = 28,600 coins
Stamps (so far): 12 Plain, 22 Unusual, 0 Rare, 5 Unique

This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 95 character quests .... 

As always, I plead, beg, implore players to use the Comments and Questions thread in this section to post any comments or ask questions. Comments thread is located here:

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