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Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 228719 views.
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From: AEGram


The Dice Game – This feature becomes available at Level 4 and will cost 600 coins to open. Initially, the Dice Table had some random item for which you could play a character. However, this was changed when the Castle Challenge feature was introduced. It now will only offer items relative to a character quest listed with Prof. Pinfeathers and when you have zero of that item in inventory. If you have no character quests active, then each player at the Dice Table will offer only coins for winning. 

Please pay particular attention to the arrows below the Innkeeper and the Chamberlain…..this indicates that there are additional players with whom you can play. There are a total of 6 characters – Anabel (100), Iron Knight (150), Innkeeper (200), Lord Chamberlain (300), Troll (400), and Dragon (500). 

You get 3 rolls of the dice for free. Then the Table closes for a period of 12 hours. If you do not play the Dice Table immediately, it remains open until you do play – the 12-hour timer starts when you have rolled your third time. You can reopen the dice table with diamonds. 

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From: AEGram


The Fortune Wheel – This feature becomes available at Level 3 and costs 600 coins to open. You get one free spin each day….the wheel resets after a 24-hour time limit. It cannot be reset with diamonds. If you do not open it for your free play when it immediately becomes available, the 24-hour timer resets when you take your free turn. You can take additional spins…..the cost for each spin goes up in increments of 100….so the first one is free….the second one would cost 100 coins….the third spin would cost 200 coins….the fourth one would cost 300 coins, etc. 

There is an achievement (Egg-Centric) for winning pet eggs from the Fortune Wheel. Sometimes there is a bit of confusion as to what pet eggs qualify for this achievement. If there is only 1 egg required to craft a pet, it is considered a pet egg. However, there are some of the Spring pets that require decorated Spring eggs to craft them. (These are the Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Chimney Sweep, and Cook.) For instance, multiple blue eggs are required to craft the Baby Boy. 

To reiterate, the spring eggs that are Blue Egg, Golden Egg, Green Egg, and Red Egg ARE NOT considered to be pet eggs for the purpose of the Egg-Centric achievement. Sometimes players will spin the Fortune Wheel multiple times – to the tune of a boatload of coins – to attempt to get an egg from the Wheel. There has been more than one player who was most disappointed after spinning and receiving several colored eggs --- and then finding out the coins were wasted (regarding the Egg-Centric achievment).

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From: AEGram


Morphing Flowers – On each location, you will be able to “capture” or “collect” 3 morphing flowers. They will pop up at random spots on the location…..they will NOT be in the HOSs or in the private rooms. When you have collected 5 of them, you will receive 10 coins, a diamond, or a stamp. During regular play (outside of the events), the coins are the most frequent; stamps come sometimes; diamonds are rare.    

It takes about 2 minutes for the morphs to “regenerate.” There are some achievements associated with collecting these morphing flowers. During the seasonal events, they change to some other object. So far, it has been as follows: 

Spring – eggs 
Fall – pumpkins 
Winter – snowflakes 

During the seasonal events, the coin amount you receive is doubled to 20 coins. The other items you receive for collecting 5 changes with each season. During the seasonal events you also receive diamonds at a much higher rate, so it is important to collect the morphing objects during the seasonal events because of the additional bounty received. 

Additional note: There are 2 achievements associated with collecting morphing objects (Morphing Power and Morphing Collector). Any morphing object collected (whether a flower or a seasonal morph) will counted toward these 2 achievements. HOWEVER, the rolling tally (on the left side of your achievement page) that shows the number of "flowers" collected is only increased by collecting the morphing flowers. Morphing eggs, pumpkins, and snowflakes do not impact this total.

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From: AEGram


The Archivist – These are the Gnome quests. There are 3 different gnomes that will offer quests to you: Librender the Archivist, Mechanogle the Engineer, and Potionmant the Alchemist. This feature is unlocked at Level 10. 

Pay particular attention to the circle around the Gnome! The Gnome quests are divided into parts…..there are 3-part quests; 5-part quests; and 10-part quests. The circle around the Gnome’s head will have some triangles separating the sections. If there are 3 sections (2 triangles), you have received a 3-part quest. You earn coins, an HOS item, and pet medallions when completing each part of the quest. 

After you have completed the entire quest (all parts), you receive a bonus chest. The chest can be bronze/iron, silver, or gold. 
There is a separate thread/file that lists what is required for all parts of a daily quest, as well as the type of chest you will receive upon completion.  

Some additional info about the Gnome Quests: 

1. You can open it, view it, and then either X out of it or accept the quest. 

2. If you accept the quest, sometimes you will get an item for the Daily Quest instead of a character quest. Example: The Daily Quest says to go to the Armored Bear. A character quest needs a Strangled Ruby. You need an Eight-Pointed Star to open the Armored Bear. You need a Murder's Eye for the Iron Chest to get the Strangled Ruby. Both the Murder's Eye and the Eight-Pointed Star come from the Crypt. So, if you have neither and want the Murder's just might get the Eight-Pointed Star instead if you have activated the Daily Quest. (You will get the Murder's Eye next visit to the Crypt, but you have to wait for it to recharge to do so.)

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From: AEGram


New Areas – Each area of the map will be unlocked as you advance in the game. If you click on the locked bubble on the map, you will see when each section is available. So far, there has not been a coin cost to open these new map areas. Current areas in the game are as follows: 

Castle – The game opens here. By time everything has been opened, you will have 12 locations, 22 HOSs, and 35** ZZs opened. 
**The Fire Altar ZZ is unlocked/opened/presented in the Forbidden Tower during Level 60. When the Wise Dragon returns to the Forbidden Tower (Level 73), the Fire Altar goes away....which reduces the number of ZZ in the Castle to 34. 

Town – Achieve Level 22 and complete the Keeper of Wishes’ quest (This occurs after activating the Ring of Runes that opens the Mystery Chamber. The Keeper of Wishes then sends you to open Shining Split and you get the Map Pieces that “reveals the next part of the mysterious world.” When you click on the Map Pieces, you are taken to the Town – City Square). There are a total of 10 locations, 20 HOSs, and 33 ZZs in the Town. 

Cloud City – Achieve Level 29 and complete the King’s Problem quest (This causes much confusion to players because it actually does not occur until you have almost finished Level 29. When you activate Griffin’s Horn, you are immediately taken to Cloud City Pier.) There will then be a bubble to open the Commercial District at Level 30. -- I recommend waiting to open this until the game sends you to this area. There are 7 locations, 14 HOS, and 23 ZZs in Cloud City until Levels 80 to 82. Then there are 10 locations, 19 HOS, and 30 ZZ. 

Elvyn Forest – Complete Level 45 and the Elf Creature quest (This occurs at the beginning of Level 45  ….When you use the Fairy Serpent, it opens the Elvyn Forest. So the notation on the map should say at the completion of Level 44 instead of Level 45). There are 3 locations, 6 HOSs, and 9 ZZ in the Elvyn Forest 

Dark Tower – Achieve Level 61 and complete the Crossed Fingers quest (This occurs mid-way in Level 61 – after you have completed Norman’s and Arabella’s tasks –and then activate the Rune Scroll. The Rune Scroll opens the Dark Tower). There are 6 locations, 4 HOSs, and 20 ZZs in the Dark Tower.

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From: AEGram


Harbor – Achieve Level 70 and complete the Energy Search quest (This occurs when you activate the Portal Activator to unlock the portal. The portal takes you to the Harbor). There are 4 locations; 5 HOSs, and 11 ZZs in the Harbor. 

Atlantis – Get to Level 72 and complete the Sea Calls! quest. (This happens when you give the Ocean Guide to the pirate. The Ocean Guide sets ship sailing and it ends up at a “forgotten city” – Atlantis.) There are 4 locations, 8 HOSs, and 11 ZZs in Atlantis. 

Fairy Forest - Get to Level 74 and complete the Ancient Artifact quest. (This area is opened a little over half way into the Level -- when you get the final piece to the Tablets of Wisdom and activate that item.) There are 3 locations, 6 HOSs, and 9 ZZs in Fairy Forest. 

East - Achieve Level 77 and start the Envoy from the East quest. (This happens when activating the Storybook.) There are 8 locations, 15 HOSs, and 22 ZZ in East.

Bone KingdomAchieve Level 84 and start After Victory quest. (This happens when activating the Mask of Silence.) There are 11 locations, 20 HOSs, and 29 ZZ in Bone Kingdom

Northern IslandsAchieve Level 89 and start the New Hopes quest. (This quest starts after activating the Darkness Destroyer.) There are 8 locations, 16 HOSs, and 17 ZZs in Northern Islands.

Titan TownAchieve Level 96 and start the Release the Pigeons quest. (This quest starts after activating the Time Slipper.) There are 12 locations, 24 HOSs and 24 ZZs in Titan Town.

Twisted MountainAchieve Level 106 and start Lost Mind quest. (This quest starts after activating the Glove of Deliverance.) There are 12 locations, 24 HOSs and 24 ZZs in Twisted Mountain.

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From: AEGram


Tournaments – Tournaments were initially available at Level 8. The tournament feature of the game has been permanently disabled.

If the tournaments are ever activated in the future, this post will be updated to include information relative to that event.

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From: AEGram


Seasonal Events – There are currently 3 seasonal events. During those times, the Gnome Quests change to 1-part quests based on the season. (The gnome is replaced by some theme character – During the Fall event, the DQ is brought to you by “All Hallows Jack.” The Christmas Elf is employed during Winter, and a Spring Fairy is used during Spring.) Each season, new achievements, new pets and special avatars are offered. 

During each event, there are some changes to many of the scenes (snow falls during Winter, etc). The Dice Table changes from a Skeleton to some other character, but still behaves the same way (the characters still cheat and you still lose blush  – at least it seems that way!) 

Some of the items you need to craft the seasonal pets are only received from completing the daily quest or from the bonus chest you receive. The quest requirements are usually easy to secure – mostly you just need to visit the HOSs repeatedly. It should be mentioned that the search button next to the item requested in a seasonal daily quest will only take you to an open HOS. It does not guarantee you will get that particular Christmas decoration. 

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From: AEGram


During the seasonal event, the morphing flowers will change to something else – snowflake, pumpkin, or egg. During normal play, when you collect 5 morphing flowers you get 10 coins or an occasional stamp. Possibly, you will get a shard. Or, on some rare occasion, you might get a diamond. 

However, the morphing objects during seasonal events bring much bounty of goodies……coin bundles are doubled to 20. Frequently, you will get a diamond for collecting 5 of “whatever.” During Christmas, you will get cards. So, it becomes very lucrative to collect all the morphing objects that you can while going from location to another. You will be amazed at how your coins and diamonds will build up!! 

The airship is a peculiar area during seasonal events….it becomes a pumpkin blimp during Fall, a Sleigh with reindeer during Winter, and an egg during Spring. During the events, you also get an event item as well as the stamp and pet food for sending the airship. 

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From: AEGram


There are "books" associated with each of the three events -- a Ghost Book (Fall), a Snow Globe Book (Winter), and an Egg Album (Spring). During each event, there will be flying orbs that show up on each location. You "capture" a ghost with a ghost trap; you "capture" a snow globe with a holiday wand; you secure an enchanted egg using a carrot. There are several achievements associated with each of the 3 books and items to be captured.

The books can be displayed in your private room by selecting one of them that the Gargoyle is holding (you can display one in your original room, one in the Christmas room, and one in the Spring room .... or choose the same one to display in all 3 rooms). When others enter your private room, they can click on whichever book you are displaying to see the collection in that book.