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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 326601 views.

From: KatieAn56


Hi Christine...sent you an invite. My player name is Kate. I seldom put up a wish list, but I do gift others. Welcome aboard the MC train. Hope to see ya in the castle!


From: misstracy22


Hi Christine,

Welcome to the forum, I sent an invite, hope you accept. My name is Tracy and I’m one of the consortium members. If you need a helping hand with anything please do let me know.

Take care, be safe during these difficult timesmushroom
Tracy - beetle 


From: CatLowe


Hello All!  I’m new to the Forum but I’ve played MC on and off for some time but stopped due to illness.  I just came back to it a few weeks ago and and for the first time I decided to participate in all the extra seasonal stuff, castle challenge, as well as all the “Friend” gifting, postcards, etc.

So, I’m in need of friends to share with! I have one from early on but don’t know how I got him (Justjohn) to whom I’ve been sending stuff, and recently sent invitations at random based on my own nickname but no one accepted.  In-game I’m FelinaMercurial and my Friend Code is i1157702. Is anyone interested in sharing?

Thanks and Stay Safe!


From: Flootie


Hi, my player name is Shroomie and I have sent an invite, which I hope you accept. I always gift A-Z, but not bothered about receiving them. Unless you need to build your postcard stash, then gifts are always welcomed.

Sorry to hear of your illness, but glad you feel well enough to play MC again. JustJohn is the default friend everybody has. If I may say, this is the best place to ask for friends. Players tend to ignore random friend requests, especially if their existing friends don’t know the requester. 

If you have any more questions or anything don’t hesitate to post it on this forum. There are some very knowledgeable and friendly players who know just about everything there is to know about MC, and no doubt someone will reply.

May I ask if your game name is due to a love of cats and Freddie Mercury?

Best wishes, keep safe


From: CatLowe


 Hi Flootie, thanks so much for your quick reply and the invite! I do need postcards / keys.  For some reason in my game lately I’m always short of the little Casks for the Airship.  I have over 100 on all the other airship items but it has repeatedly called for casks.

Yes, I am a life-long Cat Mom, 5 inside and a feral community of black cats outside that I feed and have been trying to trap,neuter,release. I’m also a diehard Queen fan. I’m sure you know Freddie Mercury was also a cat-lover!  I also have a small pond with Koi.

Do you have pets?

Hi CatLowe / Felina M. Welcome back! 

I sent you an invite. I mostly am just doing the ice breath (IB) swap - you do not need to gift me IBs. Sometimes I’ll put other items in my wish list, if you need gift credits.

By the way, the JustJohn friend is from the game, it is not a real person, and is automatically added as a friend to everyone in the game. Your gifts are wasted to him, but will count as gifts if you need those credits.

take care and be well.


sinbad raising_hand


From: Flootie


You’re very welcome. I, too, love Queen and all things Freddie Mercury. Fabulous band, great front man, excellent song writer. He kept Koi as well as his beloved cats. Shame he left us far too soon. I do love every single kind of animal, but my furries are 2 rescue dogs. That’s why I have Dog Bloke as my avatar

Happy to help anytime


From: CatLowe


Thank you For the welcome and the invite, Sinbad.  Thanks too for the info about justjohn.  I was sending quest items!  Now I’ll just send tickets.

Should I add my name/ID number to the “Master List” to hopefully get more friends for exchanging postcards & quest items? Right now I’m working on one of Trina’s quests for eight postcards and I need some for crafting pets.

Another person is on my friend list but now I’m wondering if ‘she’ is also an auto-added friend since her room is set on Halloween (no active HOS) and the only “needed” items listed are pet eggs!

*** Shroomie, thanks so much for the airship chest, I just used my last one! 
Thank you both for the help and info.  


From: CatLowe


So cool we have a lot in common Flootie!  Much to my husband’s dismay I’m a nature/animal lover in the extreme.  For months now I’ve been “training” the cats, raccoons and skunks to get along when they come on my deck to feed!  It’s going great so far, but I go through several packs of cookies every week!smile

Hi CatLowe and you are welcome.

re - getting more friends: this particular thread is the best place to get iOS friends. I am sure more people will respond over the next day or so. Suggest you scroll back through this thread for other people’s request for friends and send them a friend request in the game.

There are people who are members of “the consortium”. They collect items from people who have extras and help out people like yourself who need certain things for quests, pets, etc. There is a forum section for info on this group, and one of the threads is where you can post a request for help. They will get you hooked up with consortium friends.

re - adding your name/ID number to the “Master List” - it’s good to be on the list for reference purposes.

re - Another person is on my friend list with her room set on Halloween (no active HOS): there is only one system auto-added friend (JustJohn), so my guess is that person is no longer an active player. Each friend has a green (active) or red (inactive) person head icon in the top left corner of their entry in the list. Sending gifts to red flagged friends is also wasted gifts.


sinbad raising_hand