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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 279042 views.

From: Flootie


No worries, Cat. There’s lots of things I haven’t a clue about. So, when I see a question I do know the answer to, it’s like a Dory moment - fin up, saying “pick me, pick me!” Lol xx

Hi Hunter!!

You have reached the end of the current content. You should be at 7679/7760. 

So you are where the rest of us are who are at lvl 97...waiting for the next update. Which no one knows when it will be released, only the Devs, and they don’t tell us until it is time!! wink  But it is several months between updates. 

So have fun with the Events!! Make good use of the time to rack up all the extra coins and inventory. It is also a good time to work on all those Achievements that are so time consuming as well, or whatever you find most fun and captivating about the game!! 

Please feel free to ask any questions any time. I am most happy to be of help and assistance !! relaxed

I hope you are staying safe and well and enjoying the SE and CC!! 



From: 12Hunter


Thanks Debbie for the reply.

You're right. That's exactly where I am. 

Staying safe. You as well.

Hi, Christine - I've sent you an invitation, too.  If you need any of the spring event items, let us know.

~Catheryne (Consortium)


From: butch53


Just sent a friend request, name jim j  I play daily, and gift several times a day (you can do every 8 hours, 5 gifts)


From: 12Hunter


Hi. Trying to add friends to game i2329321. Name is Sleuth. Play occasionally. Used to play a lot then bought another iPad and used it more often. Thanks

I am more then happy to send you a friend request! relaxed



From: Flootie


Hi, my player name is Shroomie and I have sent an invite. 

Best wishes


From: misstracy22



I’ve also sent an invite, welcome.

Take care, Tracyhatching_chick

Hi again Hunter!!

I am sending you a PM!! 
Please look for it, in the upper right hand corner, their are two grey boxes, when you have  PM’s, one of them will be colored orange with a number inside indicating the number of unread messages. 
(Just providing complete information information incase you were not already aware!! wink )

Also, if you are able not yet  listed on our Master List, here is the link:

Please just leave your information there, and the fantabulous Chilpep (Hi Chili !!), will make sure you are added at the next revision!! I think you will find it rather helpful!! 

Hope you’re staying safe and well!! Looking forward to your acceptance of my invite as you indicated and please let me know how else I may be of help or assistance to you at anytime!!


CC to chilpep