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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 326244 views.

From: marbur220


Hi, DevilinWales!

If you’re still in need of friends, send an invite to i1508266.  I play as marbur220.  I gift 15x/day and return gifts in some semblance of order received.  If you just need the 3HOS room open to build your inventory, that’s ok too but I am more than willing to add you to my gifting list - current gift return time is about 3 days.

Have a wonderful day!


From: RiverLady55


Hi. I lost me game 2 months ago and just today got it back.   O friends though.  Please, any iOS players, I gift often so add me if you like, new Id is i2806941, I play as RiverLady

thanks. Sure missed this game


Dear Sandy:

just added your new game, delete old? Consortium can help you. Work busy for me in hospital...will gift you as able.

glad to see you backblush

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


I have already sent you an invite, as my dear friend Crystal mentioned, the Consortium is more then happy to help you in any way possible!!

I am just waiting for your acceptance to my friends list! 
Please do let us know how we may be of assistance!!

So happy to see back in the Castle !! 
Hope you and your family are staying safe and well!!

Debbie~ Consortium Leader two_hearts


From: CindyK65


Sent invite to my CindyK game

  • Edited December 4, 2020 11:16 am  by  CindyK65

From: RiverLady55


Hi, yes, the old game is no more but the techs gave me back everything except friends. So glad, 60 days was too long without Midnight Castle. 


From: Grandmasix


Hi sandy,

my name is Marilyn and I play as Grandma6.  I’m sending you an invite and hopefully you will accept!  Through personal experience rebuilding a good group of friends isn’t always easy.  It seems like many friends have turned red in the past few months.  Would love to be gifting you soon.


From: Grandmasix



My name is Marilyn and I play as Grandma6.  I don’t know if you’re accepting any more friend requests, but would be really happy if you would accept one more. I’ve really enjoyed reading your recent posts and think you would be a wonderful friend. 


From: misstracy22


Hi Sandy, 

My name is Tracy, invite on it’s way. Hope you have room for another friend. It’s sad when you loose your game and even worse when you loose your friends. Hopefully they will all find you again and you have some new ones. 

See you in the castle.

Hugs Tracy penguin consortium member

Hi, Sandy - I'll send an invitation, too.