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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 326568 views.

From: RiverLady55


Thank you. It’s so nice to be back in the Castle. 60 days was a long time without. 


From: Rich10021


Hi, I’m Rich, i1531112. Looking for new friends!

Have about 20  active friends.  Less than have have Christmas room. Would like a few more friends. I do not like to have more than I can gift too every couple of days.   
FD 13


please sent me an invite


From: attie1234


Hope you still need friends. I am sending invite now.  Thanks! Attie


From: Flootie


Hi, my player name is Shroomie and I have sent an invite.

I gift A-z, and currently on a 10-day-ish turnaround. But, I’m not bothered about receiving gifts.  I just have a wish list up for friends who want to build their postcard stash.

Best wishes


From: CindyK65


Sending invites to my CindyK and WitchyWoman games. Gifts aren’t a big deal, but happy to help you any time you need it.

I need new friends for the seasonal events. I would love it if you also stayed on the seasonal room that has the most $$$ to obtain which is most beneficial as far as I’m concerned.

anyway my # is i2763401thanks a lot. Pammy

Msg 11.1499 deleted

From: spiritlilly


I sent you an invite 13firedragon.  I play as Audacious Ambrosia or AA if I add a message to my name.  I only had about 30 active friends if that, only about five that were on daily.  During the fall event I found there were only about 7 players that had their room available.  I found this thread for iOS friends and I went all the way back to page 1 and scavenged all the friend codes I could find.  I now have about 115 active friends.  I actually had to turn my gifts off because I couldn’t keep up with returning gifts back.  I now gift alphabetically.  If you do the very time consuming task of going through all pages and recording all the codes and then add them all on Midnight Castle, I promise it definitely pays off!  Now, most days I do not even have time to search all of my friends rooms.  Good luck!