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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 675499 views.

From: SuzySmoke


I accept pretty much all friend requests, and generally have a couple of non-airship items on my wish list.

I also gift as much as I can.

I play as Suzy - ID i2774272



From: GrammaQT


SuzySmoke said:


Hi SuzySmoke,  I’ll invite 



From: marbur220


If you are still in need of friends for gifting (or events), please send me an invite.  I play as marbur220 (id- i1508266).  I gift 3 times a day in some semblance of order.  Sometimes it takes me a couple days to gift back depending on what I have received so please be patient.


From: marbur220


Hi, MissTracy..

i haven’t been on the forum in ages so just saw this post.  I always have left over eggs, over 6M coins, almost 6K diamonds and a ton of blue keys. I try to gift items that I think other people aren’t able to (except Phoenix eggs so they don’t just ask for them to shred them.). If I don’t have an item, I tend to purchase it…what else am I to do with all those coins I’ve accumulated?  I try to gift special items to people who aren’t as far along in the castle.

The Consortium was good to me when I needed help so this is my chance to reciprocate.  Let me know what you need.

Have a great day!  Sunny and warm here on the beach.


From: misstracy22


Hi Marianne, 

Oh thank you so much for all your generous gifts so far and your offers. The consortium will accept any gives of eggs or items etc. only coins we can’t gift or receive disappointed You will be better keeping them for CC’s, Events or levelling up. Some of which are very expensive. 

If you would like to PM me a list of things you want to gift and I will put them on my list. 

I hope you and your family are all well and safe.

Hugs, Tracy monkey

Shan (Orakyl)

From: Shan (Orakyl)


I’ve been away from the game and forum for quite some time, and see that there is some sort of glitch with the latest update that has impacted quite a few the folks here to the point of not being able to play.  I’ve been tinkering around the castle today on my iPad and everything seems fine (leveled up, gifted and  got  gifts etc), so not sure if it’s just PC users?  Anywho, for those of  you on an iOS device and still able to storm the castle without issue, I’d love to be friends!  My id is:  i2027996

Thank you rainbowrelieved


From: bajon


I have been able to play on my iPad without any problems. It seems to be the computer games that are having the most problem. I have about 30 friends and I will send you an invite.


From: Motom70


Shan:  Seems to be an iOS problem.  Like you, I just started playing a couple weeks ago on my new iPad and instead of being directed to my original game, I was assigned a new ID# and started all over again.  
As far as adding you to the master list, I contacted Chilpep to inquire how this is done.  In addition to my answer from your original post, I’m still searching for the master list.  It’s got to be around here somewhere.  I’ll let you know as soon as I find it.  MoTom


From: marbur220


The master lists are on the left side bar under ‘Player Lists’ under ‘Discussions.’

From: Lou2780908


Hi ,

I just sent you an invite