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Comments & Questions   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 48244 views.
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From: AEGram


Based on content from the most recent update (July 2019), the following files have been updated:

Achievements - All of them

Avatars - When Unlocked

MC Game Guide

MC Journal Pages

Pets - How you get them

There are other threads that I also keep updated......those will be updated in the next few days.....I'll make another post listing those threads when they've been updated.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Thank you for all of the work you do!!! It is really helpful

Moose (Augustus3468)

From: Moose (Augustus3468)


I might just be really sleepy & out of it when posting this but does it look like the area to the north of elvyn forest and cloud city pops out a little more? You know the ruins and the volcano?


From: larrymor


Do you know which pets give pet medallions when fed?


From: AEGram


larrymor said:

Do you know which pets give pet medallions when fed?

It isn't so much the pet as the chest.....only the Iron and Wooden chests will give Pet Medallions ......and sometimes the platinum chests from feeding the Exclusive Pets.

Not always will there be a medallion in an iron or wooden chest........but those are the only ones that will yield one.

Edited to add.......look on your pets page of your inventory........there are chests next to each pet to indicate what type of chest they will give....if you hold your mouse on PC (or hold your finger/stylus on iPad), it will display the percentage of the time the pet will give you that particular type of chest. Other than that, it's just random as to whether you actually get the wooden or iron well as whether or not it will actually include a pet medallion.

Frankly, I've fed many, many pets on previous CCs and ended up doing Daily Quests to get the medallions because the pet chests were so stingy with providing them.......................ALSO..............if you are totally out of pet medallions, you can craft simple pet will get the option to purchase each pet medallion for 1 diamond. These count as "getting" a pet medallion, AND count toward the following achievements: Pet Prepared, Food Frenzy, Market Master.........WHAT A DEAL!!!!

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From: AEGram


Another progress update........

Coins/Shard...Item Values has been updated

Crafted Items - Coins & Shard Values has been updated

HOSs and ZZs (excel spreadsheet) -- I neglected to ask Jenifer to link this thread to the Index thread, so it has fallen into outer space and I can only search 3 months back. As a result, I created a new thread and attached the Excel spreadsheet to that first post. I've also asked Jenifer to link it to her Index thread, which I hope she does.......meanwhile, I'll bookmark the new thread (just in case)

Total Game Cost has also been updated

(All threads mentioned -- except for the HOS and ZZ excel spreadsheet thread -- are linked to Jenifer's Index thread. So players can easily get to any and all of them from that marvelous thread ---- Thanks, Jenifer!!!!

All that remains now is for me to get the Game Interactives thread updates. And that thread is also linked to Jenifer's Index thread. I'm hoping to get this one completed in the next few minutes or so.....


From: larrymor


Many thanks!


From: AuntieRoo


bouquetThank youbouquet

I really appreciate all the time & effort you put in to keep the guides up to date.

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From: AEGram


Okey dokey.......I'm all finished updating already mentioned....most of the threads I update are linked to Jenifer's awesome stickied COMPLETE INDEX - Tips, Tricks and Guides thread at the top of the Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice folder.....


A new thread was started for the HOSs and ZZs excel spreadheet. 

I'm putting the link in this post so it will be accessible to players even if it falls into space as did the original one..... Hopefully, Jenifer will also link this new one to the Index thread....hint, hint, Jenifer.

That thread is ....... HOSs and ZZs .... in Excel Spreadsheet ........ and is located here:

I am playing on my 4th game and I do use the guide for my reference so I know what I will expect on the upcoming tasks to perform, even though I have played this game 3 times already, 

but I found an error on the guide, I went back to my original notes and saw this was the way I had it also.

This is from the  Midnight Castle Strategy guide

Re:******** Midnight Castle Strategy Guide *********** Includes: How to get the Em


[Post New]by medusa2468 on Feb 21, 15 3:45 AM

It is level 51

Iron Knight – Scepter of Virtue & Golem’s Heart 
Iron Knight – Winter Sapphire & Thread of Fate 
Iron Knight – Color of Magic & Prophetic Eyes 
Iron Knight – Idol of Rebirth (Open Bas-Relief 9500) & Misty Placer 
Iron Knight – Scarlet Seal & Moon Shine 
Iron Knight – Star Powder & Pyramid of Numbers