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Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 86537 views.

From: mrssharon18


Have been reading your amazing , very detailed game guide.  Thanks so much for your Herculean effort!  I recently lost my game (I was at level 94-ish) due to my computer unexpectedly crashing and burning.  Got it fixed, but needed to start over, so... I decided to play more strategically this time.  I now play the puzzles every day and have had great luck advancing on quests.  I've got a spreadsheet going on what each item is worth coin-wise. What I don't know is the value of eggs.  I do know the Phoenix egg is worth 5000 coins, the Parrot egg is worth 800.  Granted, I seldom get as far as the egg before giving up, but when I need coins...  Does anyone have a list of what the remaining eggs are worth?

Again, thank you for all your wonderful info!


Found this on another website, but it's not up-to-date but it should help some:

Egg Values - Midnight Castle Help


From: mrssharon18


Awesome, thanks!  Some info is better than none!

You're welcome, happy to help!!


From: AEGram


mrssharon18 said:

Does anyone have a list of what the remaining eggs are worth?

Original Pets:
Egg of Flap-Eared Puppy - 2,500 / 16
Egg of Gold-Bearing Turtle - 3,000 / 20
Egg of Hopping Tiger - 1,000 / 6
Egg of Pink Piggy – 800 / 5
Egg of Sharp-Eyed Snail – 60 /8
Egg of Voracious Lemur – 1,800 / 12 
Emerald Dragon Egg – 800 / 5
Hedgehog’s Egg - 1,000 / 6
Hippo’s Egg - 2,700 / 18
Manticore Egg - 2,700 / 18
Odd Egg – 200 / 1
Owl Egg - 1,800 / 12
Panda’s Egg - 5,000 / 33
Parrot’s Egg – 800 / 5
Pegasus Egg – 300 / 2
Phoenix Egg – 5,000 / 33 
Seal’s Egg – 500 / 3
Snow Griffin Egg – 50 /
Squirrel’s Egg - 5,000 / 33

Winter Pets:
Baby Mammoth – 500 / 15
Fire Rooster – 800 / 25
Yeti – 650 /20
Penguin – 500 / 15
Little White Bear – 500 / 15
Reindeer – 800 / 25
Sled Dog – 650 / 20
Snowman – 400 / 12
Winter Cat – 500 / 15

..........A caution!!!!!  ----Please do not use the puzzles as a major tool for advancing levels in the game. You will soon have items but you will be missing the valuable stamps needed to craft items. .............................Play the rounds; Go to the HOSs to get your items. It takes longer, but you also will be getting an airship item, a smattering of pet food, and random stamps.

In addition.....we are in the middle of a very lucrative time of the game.....get the friends' event HOSs as often as you can for the remainder of the event.....stop leveling up during the event.

Those event rooms will yield 250 coins upon completion instead of the 50 normally received. You can build a high quantity of coins during the events. addition, if you play, play, play those rooms you will also get a goodly amount of stamps, pet food, airship items!!!! doesn't end event's end, you will also have extra event items you can convert to shards to play Trina's quests to get the Golden Keys (one needed to open each private room) will need shards for some of her quests or you can build them up to make room upgrades (but you will need additional golden keys to open each slot). 

By the way, in the Trina and private room section of the MC Game Guide, you will find a listing of every slot in every private room to tell you not only how many keys are required to unlock the slot, but a short description of an upgrade and it's cost. That way, if nothing sounds interesting or if the cost is more than you want to bear, you don't have to waste the Golden Keys to unlock the slot that has nothing you can afford. 


From: mrssharon18


Just saw this... Thanks very much for the great info!  Now my spreadsheet is almost complete!


From: LoriRJohnsto


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From: AEGram


You're welcome to both of you.....glad my plethora of lists come in handy to others rather than just  to myself. wink