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Song Title Chain Game   Fun and Games

Started 11/10/18 by mdpetdoc; 578293 views.
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From: TinyFaerie


Everyday With you Girl - Classic IV

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From: Larpy


Girl Don’t Come - Cher

Aleutcia - don’t take Dhyani’s remarks as offensive - they are most certainly NOT.  I welcome you as someone new to the game and with different song inputs.  The long time players have had many discussions over time with mdpetdoc who started this up.  We are VERY liberal with verbs — change of tense is always allowed, adding an s, etc most anything goes.  Nouns VERY restrictive - singular to plural or vice versa is allowed - NOT MUCH ELSE.  You hit one not allowed - can’t use either part of a compound word OR combine two words into a compound word.  ENJOY contributing!!

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From: Aleutcia


Thank you so much Larpy. I was so excited to see this thread because music is a huge influence in my life. I jumped the gun with that last one and I knew it, but wasn't sure how to fix it. Glad to know that I can continue to play, I do enjoy it.

Sorry if I came off gruff, Aleutcia, wasn't my intention!

Another tidbit Rule is we CAN post a song that has previously been posted . . . if it was posted over 20 song posts back.  So we DO have a little wiggle room.

And purely Instruments are not allowed.  Must have lyrics/singing of some sort.  

And I ALWAYS Google around to see if there extra words in a song Title (in parentheses)  so it opens up more words.  Amazing what I find!

If you ever have a question about what Rules we can bend (and how far)  just ask!!!

Have FUN here!  

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: TinyFaerie


Baby Come Back - Eddy Grant

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