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Personal Achievements to Celebrate   Achievements and Musings

Started 4/21/18 by Amethyst2066 (Amethyst66B); 130167 views.

From: AEGram


Welcome to the "waiting room" ...... huggy jackets are in the closet on the left. The bathroom is down the hall (check to be sure the seat has been lowered first as some of the men tend to forget).

Oh, and there is a coffee and tea area on the right with several types of snacks. 

I hope you have also brought with you a good book to read during the interim .... and you have permission to periodically depart to your room so you can tend to the cleaning, cooking, washing, etc......... but few of us manage to get to that "room" (much to our mate's displeasure!)

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A completely non-Castle-related achievement …… (isn't it nice we can do that here?)

I have a Sudoku puzzle app that I do every morning to get my brain going. This morning I finally got the achievement for completing the puzzle 90 days in a row! 

I've gotten close before, but life always interrupted & it would start over from 0. So frustrating!

 The next achievement is 1600 …… that's going to take a while!

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


So it is back to the clouds of dust bunnies and cascades of discarded HOS inventory as our worthy citizens pursue a "normal" daily routine trying to advance their game, do DQs, Key Quests and Trina Quests.

I think that I might try to clone my broom or get my double-barreled named 3ic to do the more tedious sweeping  up of the flotsam and jetsam?


From: AuntieRoo


PTG (anotherPTG) said:

I think that I might try to clone my broom or get my double-barreled named 3ic to do the more tedious sweeping  up of the flotsam and jetsam?

Have I been demoted?sobsob

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Of course not my little deputy, but someone has to do the magical grunt work in keeping the place clean while I ponder on the "broader picture"

And would you mind getting me a cup of hong cha while you are busying around the airship?


Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

you drank the last of the unpacked hong cha... we have to set up camp to get to the reast...

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Well Cap'n Bob's honey rum must be untouched unless one of your winos has been secretly quaffing it.

"I don't mind if I do!" and have a large flagon of that please.

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

so sorry - barrels are under all the other stuff we packed... no treats until the camp is set LOL... my evil twin is rearing her ugly head imp

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From: lilredhood51


finally got the griffin from last year! I complained to Pete and he said that one had been Flying around the lake bugging him so I was welcome to capture him. No matter what I did could capture that last mouse so he will be waiting for me next year.

I did make my goal of getting 500,000 on my tablet. I actually got more than that as I spent some during the event but my goal was to end up with that amount when it was over so I have that and some change.

still need a few smiles to make some cakes and get the last pet. I had ten. needed 15 to craft the cakes and another 10 to make the pet. not sure how many more I needed as I didn't count them after the last run in the castle.

Got the humpty dumpty avatar from crafting enough of the spring pets. still need to get enough smiles to craft enough spring wreaths to get the butterfly. not sure how many of those it takes. I got one on pc the first year of spring event.

overall it has been a good event for me on my tablet. I have enough of a cushion to continue to play the game. I still plan on using the strategy that I have been using the last couple of months which is to stop and not play whenever I open a new hos and get it maxed out before I move on. this has allowed me to build up some extra coinage and get to the next areas without too much trouble.

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From: Bemused12


Got the Troll Avatar.  Doing the Dragon now, the last one left of the dice.

When I get it I will display it.  PTG and I will look like twin sisters  smile