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Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


They’re all great but the one you picked is fantastic! 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

No Chocolate covered cherries for us today...

But here are a few.


From: misstracy22


Fruit and chocolate. Healthy and naughty together. Fantastic. 

Thank you again.


Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


I love today’s header! Those x-ray glasses remind me of an ad from a vintage comic book!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Lots of pretty birds to choose from today.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

January 6th to 12th

  • Mon 6th - Cuddle up day; Weigh in day; Three Kings day; Shortbread day; Bean day; Apple Tree day

  • Tue 7th - Tempura day; Old rock day; "I'm not going to take it anymore" day; Harlem Globetrotters day; Bobble-head day

  • Wed 8th - Bubble bath day; Spread the joy; Earth rotation day; Argyle day; Show and tell at work day

  • Thu 9th - Apricot day; Play God day; Balloon ascension day; Law Enforcement appreciation day; Static electricity day

  • Fri 10th - Peculiar people day; Cut your energy costs day; Houseplant appreciation day; Bittersweet chocolate day

  • Sat 11th - Step in a puddle and splash your friends day; Milk day; Hot Toddy day; Heritage treasures day; Learn your name in Morse code day

Yep, we had 1 too. Mom was opposed to murdering trees, & I don’t disagree, but those aluminum things really were ghastly. 
I have tried buying living, potted trees, but they really don’t appreciate being indoors & warmer than they’re supposed to be, & it impairs their chances of flourishing when planted, so I settle for a nice artificial tree with led lights.  And plant native trees at an appropriate time. wink

Oy! Play god day is truly frightening, as someone has been doing that far too much lately!

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

I did a bit of research into that one.

The best way to celebrate it is to do something for someone that will affect their life.

That could certainly be a kind thing.