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There are great resources out there, with kids like his I would use two websites that show the fun in math.
The first is James Tanton’s G’Day Math website, especially the Exploding Dots series. His videos go very fast, but your son can watch them and teach the concepts to his students.

The next I recommend is the Julia Robinson Math Festival’s activities page. I have spent months working with this group of mathematicians! These are fun, joyful games and puzzles that have an underlying math. His students will not even know they are learning math! Have him check out the webinars, too.

One last one is Gord Hamilton’s Math Pickle website. Lots to explore here:

Hope he and his students have fun with these!

I hope you liked the site. Jonathan Wolfe is a scientist at one of our national labs, but fractals are his hobby. He educates kids all over the country, showing them the beauty of math. This has grown over the years. Now we have fractal hot air balloons and they have just come out with a line of shirts, masks, and blankets!


From: LvlSlgr


Thanks for the info! I'll pass this on to my son. It might be especially helpful now since they're doing virtual learning. Actually, the Louisville school system has been doing NTI (non-traditional instruction) since March. I've told my grandchildren unless things get better in the spring 2020-2021 may be the year they don't go into a classroom at all.

My school is distance learning and has been since March. This year, I feel like a first year teacher, having to do everything from scratch, so it’s doable. But having to pick and choose the most important lessons has really streamlined my curriculum and made me a better teacher. It’s definitely harder for everyone! I feel like I’m teaching 80 classes for one of my courses, instead of one course with 80 students. Spending more time grading individual papers to ensure learning as well. But I tell myself that it’s what needs to be done right now, and remind myself that nothing lasts forever. I tell my seniors the same, and also to push themselves hard to achieve their goal of graduating.

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Nothing much going on for the last 2 days of November, but I noticed it was drum month, yet I don't remember anything about drums.

So here we are.

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Eat a red apple day.

I need to find more time to get this sorted...

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I suppose I could just cheat...

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From: misstracy22


I get it, this means we get to choose which new header each day. So by the time we have looked at them all. It’s given you time to pick one. Cleverkissing_heart



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Thanks, but in truth, it's just lazy.

I like your version of events better, though.

"Alternative facts" CAN exist! Who knew?