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Any old ART players on this board?   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 1/23/19 by pclark200; 25834 views.

From: SharpEye1


Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you all know Sire Pete (Pete) made his way here to the forum AND is now playing MC!  Yay!!  If you were ART friends and would like to invite him, he's on PC only, at level 24, his game name is Sire Pete, and his ID is 822927.  Thanks! Ada heart_eyes


From: SirePeteS


Thanks for posting the notice Ada. Would like to reconnect with old [ART] friends as well and meet new ones here. On the game I use 'SirePeteS' with no spaces. Don't know if that make a difference but would not like to miss friends' efforts.

Still new to MC. Trying to understand  nuances encountered. The time-out(s) are driving me nuts right now! Seems I click-n-click. Have gone as much as 8 levels only to discover I'm blocked for as much as 30 minutes. By the time I finally re-gain access, I may have forgotten what I wanted to accomplish.

Have been told about 'setting up Private Room" but don't know what that means, or what I may be missing. NOR - how-to. Just 'stuff' I gotta learn, eventually. Hope all will be patient with me.

     Kindest regards ... Pete


From: SharpEye1


Hi Pete--Always happy to help, my friend!! heart_eyes Ada

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Yes, the start is slow going but once you have advanced a bit and a couple more HOS open the waiting is not too bad.

You can also ckick on the characters to the left - they will send you to the HOS or ZZ for your task.

When you on the arrow to the right, a menu will roll out. The top icon is for the privat room(s). You will need one of Trina's keys to open them. Trina sits in a lighted room to the left in the the Castle Gates scene. She will give you tasks and the reward will be a key. There is nothing to play in the original room. The other rooms are event rooms. During seasonal events there are HOS in some that you can play. Spring 1 has one, spring 2 has three, spring 3 none, anniversary has one, halloween has three, xmas 1 has none, xmas 2 has three. Buying things in xmas rooms will get you a good pet - the clever monkey. Given the time of year you might open xmas 2 first and buy some furniture to get the monkey, then halloween as it will be the next event.

Feel free to ask any questions you like. The FAQ ans Tips, tricks, guides and advice will answer a good many. When you ask, better do it elsewhere. You posted in an ART thread in a non MC category. You are likely to get more answers in MC related categories.

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Just one correction, the Halloween Room has 3 HOS.


From: SirePeteS


THANKS, ALL ... for the guidance and help. Will try to keep in mind separations (divisions) of this forum. I responded to ... without thinking it was in a select [ART] area.

Sometimes, thinking I may be attempting to go faster than I should. Just, after the frustration of ART, wanted to get-in & get up-to-speed with MC as soon as possible.


From: RosieBVT


Good to hear from you again.  I've passed your info on to other ART players who don't get to this forum much, so you'll probably be hearing from several familiar names soon.  I've already sent you a friend request, but don't worry too much about gifting back especially while you're in the early stages and trying to build inventory.  And a hint about getting up to speed - you'll never be quite all the way there.  This game has been rewritten and added to for close to 6 years now and there will always be something new to see or learn about.  Take your time and enjoy the ride, there will be other chances to do anything you've missed.