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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 124206 views.
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Fortunately, “my raven returned with the good news.  Now that we know the proper ingredients, we just need to find them.  Fern butterfly wings are the most common ingredient.  Don’t worry—Their wings will regrow.”  Ludwig reminds that “little victories add up to large achievements.

Continuing the hunt for ingredients, “a laughing mushroom’s tears are very rare but highly effective.  Many have tried to grow them, but they only grow in the wild.”  Ludwig’s raven found a glade full of laughing mushrooms and collected their tears.  “The last and rarest ingredient is the light of the rising moon.  It’s almost impossible to catch.”  But the raven managed to trap the light in a silver lantern after flying high above the mountain.  “The potion maker said that we must brew the ingredients in a sand dragon’s scales at the temperature of the sun.”  The potion is ready and Ludwig Milton is on the road to regeneration and recovery.  Feeling strong enough to continue with the task at hand, Ludwig found the next part for the Chilling Belt is kept in the glaciers of the sky birds.  He decides to send his raven once again and hope for the best.  “The sky birds aren’t friendly, and fought my raven.  Now, it’s my turn to care for him.  My raven managed to get the part you need.  Help me heal him, and we’ll be even.”  With Ludwig Milton and his raven healthy and strong, “you deserve this artifact.  Now, go and save our castle.”  You are presented with the Stormbringer, the beat of these wings is strong enough to cause a blizzard.

Professor Pinfeathers knows that while we’re one step closer to salvation, some magic would help.

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Nala is plagued once again by experiments going sideways, but trying is what gains experience.  Nala wanted to help, but it seems her experiment resulted in an unfortunate transformation.  “I wound up creating this scarecrow...hey, have you seen my cat, Potts?  Oh no, don’t tell me this scarecrow is my cat!  Oh no, Potts!  What have I done to you?”  Apparently, Potts jumped right in the middle of the spell Nala was casting to stop the Elemental.  Sure her cat isn’t enjoying his current state, Nala finds the counterspell.  “Maybe you should stand back.  I don’t want you to end up like Potts, too!”


Reversing spells doesn’t always work, but Potts is safe and now it’s time to save the castle!  Nala knows she’ll succeed this time...eventually.  “I think earth magic might help us, but I haven’t tried it yet!”  But Nala begins feeling something’s not right, “I feel my body starting to solidify.  I can’t do magic if I get turned to stone!  But I won’t give up yet!”  Acting with urgency to lift the spell before she can’t move at all, Nala finds a potion to keep from turning into stone.  But a key ingredient is missing.  Nala feels the completed potion working as she feels her joints loosening.  “Whoops!  This potion keeps things from solidifying by turning them into liquid!  This calls for drastic measures.”  Nala sends her extra fast messenger snail to ask a shadow mage for help in stopping the liquid curse.  “At least my magic finally accomplished something!  The snail brought the reversal spell.  The solidifying spell requires a torch, some tinder, and matches.  Does that seem strange to you?  Oh well, it’s our only option.”  Unfortunately for Nala, she begins to feel like the Fire Elemental himself.  “You can’t see it, but I’m burning up inside!  But don’t worry – I know what to do now!  I learned this spell in my first lesson.”

***END OF UPDATE (Nala says “I’ve invented a new spell!  I just need to figure out what it does.  Come back later.”)

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UPDATE ****** DECEMBER 20, 2021

Nala’s spell backfires once again and she finds herself lighter than air.  In fact, she’s light enough to float away and “there’s nothing to hold onto!”  It turns out the “flying fairies know about our trouble, so they gave me this fancy-looking thing and said that you need it.”  Hoping she helped save the castle, Nala presents the Sea Unicorn, the final piece to the Chilling Belt.  (The Fire Elemental’s spirit is tied to the mountain and as the miners’ greed gobbled up the limitless treasure, the mountain’s pain overtook the Fire Elemental.  The Elemental knew his molten fire could cause the mountain to erupt at any moment, destroying everyone and everything in the castle.  The Chilling Belt is the only way to tame a raging fire in someone’s heart and when the Chilling Belt goes to the Fire Elemental in Lava Cave, it has the desired effect and the castle is saved.)  Pinfeathers gives you the Charming Bouquet.

Ludwig Milton, Skeleton Knight wishes to have a heart-to-heart, sharing a bit of his past.  “Thanks to you my body is whole, but I can’t say the same for my heart and mind.”  With the lifting of the curse, Ludwig’s memory was restored and he remembered the stinging pain of lost love.  “Long ago while exploring the mountain, I met a stunningly beautiful Shamaness.  She rebuffed my advances, and I was left alone with my hopelessness.”  Ludwig hopes their long time apart changed her feelings, but believes it likely only soured her further.

“Why the pessimism?  Just look at me -- I was handsome then, and still I repelled her.  Now I’m just a bag of bones.  Worst of all, I’m stuck here, and she’ll never leave the Shaman Glen.  Perhaps if I sent a gift...a bouquet?”

Ludwig realizes a bouquet isn’t the greatest idea, but having treated her so poorly in the past, at least it’s a start.  “My raven can help me with the first flower but gathering the rest will require some special skills.  I wish there was another way to discover her feelings, but I’ll have to share my burden with a few -- those who can help me complete the bouquet.”  The Enticing Vriesia becomes part of the Charming Bouquet.

Han, the Sage knows Ludwig has a stable mind but senses some instability beneath.  “Imbalance always leads to chaos.”  The path of self-destruction is imbalance...chaos...self-destruction...then villainy."  If you truly wish to save Ludwig, we must help his soul find balance.”  Han understands meditation won’t help if the mind is overpowered by a feeling or idea.  “A question torments Ludwig Milton’s soul.  The answer to that question is all that holds him back from the brink of villainy.”

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Helma, the Shaman Outcast is very intrigued by this latest adventure.  A Magic Kit should help with the next flower, but once the Kit is ready, Helma has trouble remembering the order of the spell.  “Measure thrice and cut once, as my teacher would say.”  Helma remembers “I turned my teacher into a pumpkin once -- got turned into a broom for a week as punishment.”  She measures out the elements but “I must have miscalculated -- the flower looks a bit carnivorous.  Not exactly what you were looking for, huh?”

The first try is always an adventure and “take two usually spells success, at least for me.  Second time is the charm, right?”  As she presents the Alluring Hibiscus, Helma says “Here it is!  Beautiful, right?  Skeleton Knight’s paramour will love it.  My teacher would be proud.  He wasn’t one to heap praise, but a lack of criticism can feel just as good.”

***Level 111 - Professor Pinfeathers – Natural Help- Says Talk to Nala for 5 tasks but shows a picture of Helma, the Shaman Outcast and actually sends you to Helma for the 5 tasks.

Based on the dialog in this section, I believe the true character for those 5 tasks is Nala and being sent to Helma is an error.  When Nala was first introduced, she mentioned her teacher who she tried to impress with a powerful spell.  In this section, ‘Helma's' teacher always ‘measure thrice and cut once’ and remembers when she turned her teacher into a pumpkin.  Unique to Nala is miscalculating spells or casting the wrong spells.  And Nala, not Helma, would use words like ‘Hmmm’ and ‘right up my alley.’  Helma is a Shaman who was chosen to be the mountain’s caretaker and can’t leave it under any circumstances.  She can call on the powers of air, water, earth and fire and believes ancestors talk to us through the sounds of nature.  Her limited dialog is along the lines of “your aura shines like a thousand suns on a cloudless day.”  And finally, the final sentence after awarding the Alluring Hibiscus has ‘Helma’ saying “Skeleton Knight’s paramour will love it.”  BUT Helma IS the Skeleton Knight’s paramour.  So that sentence makes no sense as spoken by ‘Helman.’

I believe it is quite obvious the dialog attributed to Helma is actually Nala’s.  So, even though Pinfeathers’ quest shows a pic of Helma and the player is sent to Helma, his quest line reads “Talk to Nala” and this is correct.  Nala should be the character for this dialog and being sent to Helma is an error.

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Morisa the Forest Witch has quite the green thumb and is sure she can help.  Flora grown in the Forbidden Forest is best for the Charming Bouquet, but “preparation is the key if you want to stay alive.”  Morisa says “The forest is forbidden for a reason -- there is far more to worry about than savage beasts and perilous plants.  Beware the bewildering air -- so full of magic from the plants and animals that the unprepared may be ensnared and lost forever.”

The forest isn’t lacking in excitement and Morisa wonders what adventure lies ahead.  She prepares a potion to drink before entering the forest to guard her mind and memories.  “Wish me luck -- even the prepared can perish.”

Upon her return, Morisa can’t wait to share her adventure.  “I met a three-tailed fox and even glimpsed a unicorn!  Most importantly, I have something for you...Here it is -- this flower is sure to excite any recipient.”  The Exciting Plumeria takes its place in the Charming Bouquet.


The Fire Elemental extends a warm welcome but doesn’t offer a hug for fear of “reducing a good friend to ashes.”  The Fire Elemental admits “I’ve never been in love, but I’m no stranger to fiery emotions.  I assume love burns in this way?”  The Elemental agrees to help because “No one deserves a heart burnt to ashes, least of all Ludwig Milton.”

The Fire Elemental knows of a rare flower sure to please anyone.  “The flower is solid stone, beautiful and beloved by all.  Finding it however...that’s no simple feat.  The flower lies in secret under the heart of the mountain.  I’m happy to make the trek.”  Only Elementals can brave the depths of the mountain and the Fire Elemental assures he’ll “be back in the flash of a spark.”

He returns, saying “I’ve got it, but it was no small thing -- I had to tear it from the mountain’s heart.”  And the Strelizia of Attraction, the final flower, is added to the Charming Bouquet.  The Charming Bouquet goes to Helma, the Shaman Outcast but nothing seems to happen and the story between Ludwig and Helma remains unfinished. 

The Revitalizing Cauldron is the new Primary Quest Object, whose description reads “One draught will dispel the despair from your soul and replace it with joy.”

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Innkeeper “Salty” Took offers a gloomy greeting and wonders if it’s tiring wandering around the castle.  “Boredom can take your life like anything else.  Grief weighs me like an anchor.  What will lift it?  Perhaps the answer will find me in time...”  Aware that “some potions exist that can lift the spirits”, Salty feels the melancholy growing and resolves “a bit of magic couldn’t hurt in this fight, right?”

Salty’s heard whispers of an intricate incantation and must find it quickly as “apathy’s grip tightens on my shoulder.”  The incantation is in hand, but Salty says it all looks like nonsense to him.  Sure the answer is out there, Salty takes “my grief to the library -- there must be instructions somewhere for brewing the joyful drink.”

After solving the incantation, Salty says, “I’ll know joy again soon if I’m lucky.  Grieving and’s no laughing matter.  Here, may the joyful drink help you as well.”  The Joyful Drink (a vial of smiles, inside jokes, and delicious puns.) is added to the Revitalizing Cauldron.

Pinfeathers says “Our friend Took is suddenly unbearably sad.  Four potent potions should cheer him up!”

Henry the Archeologist is willing to help but not until he gets a bite to eat.  “So you say Took needs a bit of cheering up?  Yes, a plan is coming together in my mind.  Help me while I track down our prey.”  Henry is sure he’ll figure everything out and urges haste before the hunt is over.  “I’m tracking a witch.  Which witch...does it matter?”  Henry catches the witch, who gave him the potion base.  “A shaman’s ritual should get things bubbling.  Helping others is so draining -- I feel like an empty vial.  Perhaps some entertainment would make me feel more...rewarding?”  Henry’s always up for a bit of fun and the Potion of Fun (Fill your belly with the deepest laughter) is added to the Revitalizing Cauldron.

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Anabel in Tiara knows a fair bit about things that come from the heart, “Love requires dedication, but one must also be...amiable.  While learning a great deal reading the family’s diaries, Anabel wonders how to seal love within a vial.  “It seems love requires a special container -- and I don’t mean the heart.  This vial can contain the power of love.”  Anabel doesn’t believe absence makes the heart grow fonder and says there are too many types of love in this world.  “We can’t craft true love without gathering all kinds of affection, passion, and devotion.  How will I fit them into one vial?

With a bit more time, all the emotions come together in the vial and the Loving Mixture (Each sip is a reminder to love yourself and others just as well) is added to the Revitalizing Cauldron.

The Warrior Knight is bound by noble duty to assist in Salty’s dilemma.  “There’s neither nobility nor honor without kindness.  Together we can vanquish our friend’s troubles.”  The Knight remembers stories of a magical remedy, “I hear tell the solution is in the castle of an influential lord.  Take care of my duties while I make our plea.”  Fortunately, tales of the lord’s famed generosity are well-founded and the Knight returns with a story to tell.

“When I was young, I dreamt of slaying dragons.  With time I’ve learned that kindness and honor are better weapons than fire and sword.  A respectable dragon has invited me to his cave.  Within the cave lies a lake of kindness, whose water mortal men cannot endure.  I can bear the depths, but please assist me while I’m away.”  The Knight must recuperate as the quest held many trials, but “our friend may be saved yet.  This solution soothes the soul.”  The Kind Concoction is added to the Revitalizing Cauldron.

Valeria Steiner in the Chapel in Ancient Park offers spectral greetings.  “Professor Pinfeathers must be joking!  I have no happy memories to share.  Unless...”  Valeria knows depression is no small matter and we must do what we can.  “I know a vial of happiness is buried here somewhere.”  Busy bickering with a gray ghost, Valeria hasn’t found any vials but she does have a bit of information.  “A crafty witch haunts these parts.  In life, she could brew anything, even true emotions.  Perhaps she still can in death -- that is if we can find her.”  Valeria found “the old crone hid some fancy vials within the walls.”

*****END OF UPDATE -- The adventure will continue in a future update.

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UPDATE ****** APRIL 4, 2022

Level 113

Valeria Steiner who’s “used to hunting secret passageways”, urges “don’t put too much stock in the memory of a ghost” but “perhaps the Castle’s walls hold just as many mysteries.”  Valeria feels “so many traps left by that witch…’twould be nice to be able to glide through walls.  I can’t recall many happy memories, but there must have been a few, right?!  Took had better appreciate his lifted spirits.”  (You are rewarded with the Infusion of Happiness and the completed Revitalizing Cauldron goes to Salty.)

Torrum the Weapon Maker is feeling a bit gloomy.  “It’s sad…I delved so deep into the work of my portals, I’ve forgotten my true craft.”  A noble art, weapon crafting was Torrum’s first true love and wonders if it will bring him joy again.  “Pinfeathers says we need to protect ourselves.  A weapon of great defense – I’m on it.  So you don’t know who we’re protecting, or from what?  Well…I guess our castle is known for its mysteries.” 

With that in mind, “we can’t do better than the All-crushing Hammer.  It’s the ultimate defensive weapon.”  There is one small snag however.  “Most say the Hammer was forever lost, its parts scattered through time and space.  Of course, thanks to my portals, all of time and space is within our reach.” 

To begin, “we’ll need to know where the Hammer was forged”, but Torrum can’t seem to locate its home on his end.  “I hate admitting I need help.  Can you guess who I turn to first in times of need?”  (Lucas the Minotaur, of course)

Lucas the Minotaur is so happy seeing a dear friend, he steps in for a hug.  “Of course, minotaur hugs have been known to break bones, so perhaps a simple hello will be best.”  Since the target’s identity is unknown, Lucas wonders if it could be one of us.  “So to protect this unknown victim, we must assemble the All-crushing Hammer?  The Hammer’s might is nigh unimaginable.  Do you know it’s most important quality?  Its power was so great, its creators put a defensive spell upon it – it can’t be used to attack.”

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Lucas, knowing Torrum “isn’t the biggest reader, is always ready to help a friend.”  Starting with the most ancient texts, Lucas loves studying the sky.  “Stargazing is more than watching pretty lights – the night sky holds great knowledge.  Time means nothing to the stars.  They hold the secrets and memories of countless millennia.”  Unfortunately, the forecast is less than perfect.  “Alas, clouds hide the sky’s secrets.  Rotten luck, really.  Wait!  If I summit the mountain and rise above the clouds, then the weather means nothing!” 

 Reading the stars revealed a cryptic message, “lost in the echo.”  Lucas recalls “a legend about a group of people who go into hiding.  In the legend – they were master weaponmakers.  They decided to disappear.  Villains hounded them, demanding they craft them weapons.  So they chose to vanish…figuratively.”  Lucas found a scroll with an invisible inscription that few can decipher.  “I can’t make heads or tails of this scroll.  Any ideas?  This is starting to make me angry…I’ve tried everything I know, but I still can’t read it!”  Little did Lucas realize the solution would be so simple.  “I did it!  I got so frustrated that I chucked the scroll into the fire…but heat turned out to be the key!?”

Lucas manages to decipher the message, “but surprise surprise…the answer is incomplete.  The location of the weaponmakers’ hideout is always moving – it’s an invisible, flying fortress!”

Torrum knows the place Lucas speaks of…”it’s the Domain of Weaponmakers!  I’ve dreamt of seeing it, but no living soul knows its location.”  But who can we ask if no living soul knows?