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Midnight Castle Dialog   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 85703 views.
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LEVELS 16-20 cont.

The Castle Keeper appears in the Castle Entry.  He says he must preserve peace in the castle, but it’s nice to see a new challenger.  While you must obtain knowledge, bleak thoughts are filling the castle and you must fight all obstacles in your path.  Stand your ground or the Castle will fall.  While the Keeper can see the entire castle, he can’t walk around it.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to hold back the creatures of the night.  “I need a way to break the chains!  We’re one step closer to eliminating the shackles of evil.”

The Witch appears in the Underground Grotto.  Arabella Scales says “So we meet again.  Just my luck to run into you!  I wasn’t mistaken about you.  I’m a fine judge of character.”  Since the Chamberlain trusts you, the Witch will try to trust you too.  She says her grandmother was a witch who taught Arabella how to create the rune you’re looking for, but she needs help gathering ingredients.  Due to the popularity of her love potions, her stock is running out.  Even though she seems friendly with Lord Chamberlain and always wants to help him, she says “he’s nearly out of time.”  Despite being a witch, she has responsibilities to him and continually lets the Chamberlain think he’s being the clever one.  She believes alchemy is not a hobby, but a calling.  Her favorite potions are the poison ones, but poison can fade.  You help with the cure when her gargoyles suddenly fall ill.

Skull Pete, in Mirror Lake, is doomed to be fleshless forever due to Lord Chamberlain’s curse.  Pete is tired of being immortal and just wants to be a fleshy pirate again.  Pete misses his ship terribly and longs for the smell of the sea air.  While he muses there’s never enough treasure, he confesses he loves weapons more than gold.  Despite all your help with the rituals, the curse is still with him.  But the old pirate is grateful to you.

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LEVELS 21-23

The Werewolf Knight is still a Knight, whatever his appearance.  He found someone who has the rune you need, but his trust must be earned with a few gifts.  This person gets the Knight’s “hackles up” and is described as having a chess collection and rings on each of his fingers.  After sifting through a web of lies, the Knight has a lead on his father’s whereabouts but the source demands payment.  A band of thieves targets the Knight, but with your help, he’s safe.  The thieves, along with everyone else, are now scared of the Knight.  He’s “never seen such fear in my neighbors’ eyes.”  He worries that Anabel, who hasn’t been forthcoming and “isn’t the easiest woman to love”, will forget him when he’s gone.  Some parting gifts should help.  The Knight’s father “passed through one of the neighboring settlements but the residents are too afraid to talk.”  He doesn’t “want to use any force there” so maybe a gift to their leader would help.  Finally, there’s a decent chance the Knight could find his father.  Suddenly, the Knight feels his animal nature waking up.  Some protective amulets should help keep his inner wolf at bay.  You helped the Knight maintain his chivalry, making you his true friend.  It’s nearly Dark Valentine’s Day and the Knight sends you on a mission to find gifts for Anabel.  If you get back before the big day, Anabel will “never forget my generosity, nor I yours.” 

The Keeper of the Castle can see the past, present and future.  “It flows by him like a rushing river.”  “Sometimes a good relationship is more valuable than gold.  Sadly, the world is full of false virtues but he believes you’ll succeed.  He says Arabella is a witch because she rejected the power of good and asks you to check on Henry, who may be in danger.   

The Wise Dragon muses how “Knights love princesses; dragons love princesses, princesses love Knights.  Princesses are so fickle, aren’t they?” “Mortals are so complicated, so much more complex than dragons!”  He says “Like sands through the hourglass, our lives dribble away.”  But not his; he’s immortal!  Since you prove to be such a hard worker, “I guess I’m going to bed hungry again.”

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LEVELS 21-23 cont.

The Chamberlain is “getting the impression that you find collaboration with me distasteful.  Well, we’re not finished yet.”  He’s aware of the control he exercises over you despite your issues with him.  He admires one of your greatest qualities, never letting people down.  “It’s an unjust world.  Only the fittest survive.  I do what I have to do.  And so should you.”  Your cooperation makes the Chamberlain pause and wonder “Does this mean the ice between us is melting?  Hmm…your eyes say differently.”  Your obedience makes him very happy. 

Skull Pete hasn’t forgotten about money, despite being a skeleton.  He’s found the way to return his human appearance and asks for your help.  Close to his dream, Pete retrieved the recipe that will return his human form.  He finally outwitted the curse of Lord Chamberlain and wonders if you can “imagine what pleasure it is to stop rattling with his old bones.”  Desiring more coins, Pete knows the ghost innkeeper has found a large sum of money.  But Salty doesn’t deserve wealth and, being a pirate, it’s Pete duty to separate Salty from that wealth.  Pete celebrates with some unrivaled Elvish rum and then debates the merits of selling it for profit, although the elves might ask something in return.  After your help in procuring a new sword, Pete says “My friend Rudolph would have called you a good soul.”  (could this be Rudoguil?)  He constantly calls you apprentice and says it’s a pity you weren’t on board his ship with him.  Pete was cheated on a deal when a certain person promised to make him a new mast.  Well, at least he still has some gold.  Pete knows time is money and wonders “Do you love gold as much as I do?”  Once again, he offers you some fine Elvish rum.  Totally forgetting what it means to be human, Pete realizes he shouldn’t have had quite so much rum.  He really needs to get his head back in the game.  After resting, he’s aggravated he can’t find his rum and wonders why you’re laughing at him.  But the old pirate is proud of you and promotes you from apprentice to ship boy to senior seaman.  But, unfortunately, Skull Pete is only interested in more rum and stiffs you on any reward. 

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LEVELS 21-23 cont.

Salty’s ghost is busy polishing the bar stools with his vapor.  Salty vents about trying to strike a deal with a pirate.  But there’s been an emergency at the Inn.  One of his deals went south and he needs to recoup before his client gets testy.  That was a close call and Salty wonders “Have you ever bought a pig in a poke?  This is a disaster!  I need to sell it, but first I’ll have to disguise it.  Phew, it’s getting harder to do business.”  One bit of advice…”buy low, sell high.”

Arabella would be awfully grateful to her favorite mortal if you would help find herbs, potions and poisons.   Just don’t make her blush by talking about a love potion!  “This potion depends on crow feathers – and they don’t like to be plucked!  Now you’ve feathered my nest!” 

Henry the Archeologist thanks you for asking about him, but he’s doing just fine.  Apparently, the unknown threat the Keeper of the Castle sensed hasn’t happened. 

Standing in the Underground Grotto, the chains blocking the door suddenly give way.  Upon entering the Mystery Chamber, you witness someone using rays to destroy the heart of the Wishes Machine and then flee. 

The Keeper of Wishes introduces herself as the Keeper of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber.  “And I am not happy seeing my home ransacked.  You must help me find those rascals!”  The Keeper of Wishes gives you a magic map that “will help you navigate the world and find the villain who desecrated my home.”  The Keeper of Wishes says “I can’t explain my outrage every time I look at what they’ve done to this place!  We must restore it…the sooner, the better.”  A Mystery Chamber full of wishes sounds big, but the Keeper feels so lonely sometimes.  She’s sure repairing the Heart of the Mystery Chamber will take her thoughts off her solitude. 

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LEVELS 21-23 cont.

Christian the Bard appears in the City Square.  He welcomes you to this “odd place” and says “he’s been a traveling bard for years.  I’m looking for the Mystery Chamber and could really use your help.  My reward is equal to merit.”  The dream of his life is reaching musical perfection and the Mystery Chamber is his last chance.  “Meanwhile, I’m up to something else.”  What a pity you won’t simply take him there.  Christian wants to express his gratitude with a song, “but I haven’t found the right tune yet; the melody isn’t working and the false notes are driving me crazy.  Maybe I should change something.”  A perfect melody isn’t easy to create; it requires a combination of certain elements and some magic.  Finally, Christian can animate his melody with the sparkle of true emotion, but the sparkle fades so quickly.  Putting too much of his soul into his melodies, Christian begins to feel ill.  Too tired to speak, he needs something to restore his powers.  With your help, he’s getting better with every passing second and vows to be careful with his emotions.  “Sadder but wiser, they say.  You should replenish and protect the magical resources of your body.”  Still trying to compose the perfect melody, Christian wishes he “could find the Mystery Chamber the way you did.”  His obsession and pleas get stronger and more persistent…”I need the Mystery Chamber!  Come on!  You can’t keep it from me forever!  I deserve to know, I promise.”  And “Why are you so reluctant to tell me the whereabouts of the Chamber?  My wish is a good one.  Music can’t harm anyone…right?”  ***Christian the Bard changes into Chris Arwin the Assassin*** 

Chris the Assassin makes a shocking confession “Don’t you recognize your musician friend?  It’s me, and I’m here…to kill the Keeper of Wishes!”  He supposes you’ll try “to keep her alive for a little bit longer.”  He wonders if you’re still unwilling to tell him where the Mystery Chamber is; after all, “You don’t want to make a killer wait…right?”  “By the way, killing the Keeper of Wishes isn’t easy, especially if it’s not your own will…Oh, I shouldn’t have said that.”  Chris is making a plan and urges you to come by later to talk about something…or someone. 

Lord Chamberlain asks “Have you come to blame me for the destruction of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber?  Wait…You didn’t know it was me?  Now you do.”  Dark clouds seem to be gathering over him and things are only getting worse!  This must be a bad omen and the Chamberlain is very concerned about his future.  “I was right about the bad omen.  I’ve lost my source of power!”

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LEVELS 21-23 cont.

Arabella knows the Chamberlain sent you and wonders if you’re certain he’s frightened and grieving.  The witch sarcastically comments how nice of you to be helping the Chamberlain, but “I have my own plans for him.”  She’s planning a surprise for the Chamberlain, a nasty one, but it’s for the greater good of everyone.  Your guilty look amuses her; then she confesses she doesn’t plan to kill the Chamberlain.  She has something more fun in mind.  Arabella plans to conduct a small, but pretty complicated ritual that will make the Chamberlain show his true nature.  In a horrible mood, Arabella reminds you that “a sad witch is a bad witch.”  She consults an ancient book for the things needed for the ritual.  She asks you to stay away until the ritual is done.  Not imagining the ritual would be so hard to fulfill, the witch needs you sooner than expected.  Apparently, the Chamberlain has some protection.  But it doesn’t matter anymore.  “It’s done.  I’ve done it all!  Exhausted as I am, I feel so happy!  OK, my friend, you can go back to the Chamberlain…and send my best to him!” 

The Lord Chamberlain begins wailing “Something is wrong…Arabella Scales…It’s she who wants to destroy me!  Nooo!”  ***The Lord Chamberlain transforms into a pudgy, purple vampire bat***

Anabel heard rumors more people are deserting the Chamberlain and his days may be numbered.  Changes are coming; the Chamberlain is losing his mysterious powers and all the members of the Clan Council have turned their backs on him.  Did you know the Witch isn’t exactly who she is pretending to be?  Anabel “wishes people well, but excludes the witch from that list.”  Finding out her plans and revealing all her secrets is a priority.  While the Chamberlain is losing his mysterious powers, Anabel works on strengthening hers.    “There is something in the wind today…Does the plot thicken?”

The Keeper of the Castle says, “Now that Lord Chamberlain has been punished, the castle is more or less safe.  But we still must deal with his negative influence.”  “If you don’t grow as a person, nothing has meaning.”  Time flies, but for the Keeper, it doesn’t exist.  “Humans often ask for immortality, but they have no idea how to cope with it.  Don’t you fear the Chamberlain’s fate?” 

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LEVELS 24-25

For the Keeper of Wishes, “cooperation with you is the best thing that’s happened to me these last few days.”  You can’t imagine how important the Heart is or how difficult to be out of your home, your sanctuary, for a long period of time.  She hopes it will be restored soon, and “It’s nice to see there are still hard-working folks in this world.   With you as my assistant, I believe I can fix the Heart.”  And one day, you may need a favor from the Keeper of Wishes and her future reply depends solely on how you help her now.  The Keeper of Wishes is bored to death in her seclusion, what she calls her “spiritual problem”, so you help by finding some interesting and distracting items.  The Keeper of Wishes feels much better and, even though you’re mortal, calls you “friend.”

The Wise Dragon sarcastically asks “What do you think I’m thinking about right now?  A princess?  Because I’m a dragon?  That’s such a stereotype.”  For the Dragon, gold and jewelry never fail to cheer him up.  About life and death, the Dragon says “You know, sometimes someone is considered dead, but yet they appear to be alive.”  The Wise Dragon admits to missing your Uncle and how wonderful it would be to see him again. 

Henry the Archeologist is thinking about opening a store of relics and found a nice hut he could use, but isn’t sure about its location.  “The launch will be incredible!  Now, I need a pretty sales assistant.”  “How sweet is the chime of the first coins earned!”  Henry’s in a bad mood after having a nightmare that he was a troll again with two she-trolls fighting over him.  Henry’s tired and his business has failed.  “Maybe I’m not really a businessman.”  Once the last two orders are delivered, he plans to quit.  Those orders are for that horrible Witch, who has threatened Henry.  Henry begs you to hurry so the Witch doesn’t have any excuse to turn him back into a troll.  “Finally, the business is closed, the Witch is pleased and I am still human!”  (In Level 14 right after the Troll transforms into human Henry, he says the Chamberlain cursed him.  Did the Chamberlain and Arabella act together?)  Henry has done some detective work and feels the circumstances of your Uncle’s death are unclear and he wants to get to the bottom of the case.  “The facts are clear, despite my lack of detective skills.  Your Uncle’s body was never found – isn’t that interesting?”  He thinks your Uncle had something to do with the Dragon from the Forbidden Tower.

Skull Pete has a plan that would make him rich and wants to know if you want to go halves with him.  Now Pete can afford an entire fleet but his top priority is repairing his ship.  Pete says “Yo-ho-ho!  Being human has never been better!  I should start thinking about securing my mortal life.”  You decline tasting an “amazing Armagnac” that fell into Pete’s hands, to which Pete replies “OK, then…more for me.”   Skull Pete appears sober and all-consumed with repairing his ship.  You help him fix the wheel, the most important part of the ship, but “Thunderation and an iron maiden!  The wheel broke again!”  Pete hopes the patch will survive at least one sail.  “You would make a good sailor!”

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LEVELS 24-25 cont.

The Werewolf Knight is tormented by thoughts of Anabel and muses how fate enjoys a joke.  “The heart wants what it wants.”  According to the Knight “someone is going to drag my good name through the mud” and, as a matter of honor, you must help.  Anabel is going on a little trip but the Knight can’t be with her.  “Only the light of my love…and some specific items…can protect her from harm.”  The Knight wonders if you’ve heard the latest news about a relic in his family.  “Have you heard?  They are going to steal the family shield, the icon of the Castle!  I invoke your aid!”  He describes your deed as “admirable” and “you should be proud of yourself.”  The Werewolf Knight has a surprise, “I want to propose to Anabel, the love of my life, but I have to prepare for it.”  His love for Anabel cannot be contained but there is so much to do before he can propose.  “Be still, my breathless heart!”  He can’t think straight with all the butterflies in his stomach and is afraid of losing his nerve.  The Knight never thought he’d be so nervous; his heart is pounding and he can’t wait any longer!  “Why can’t I just simply pop the question?”  The engagement ring is ready and he can’t keep his beloved waiting any longer.  “Wish me luck.”  ***Werewolf Knight disappears from the Castle Entry and reappears as the Iron Knight with Anabel at the Castle Gates***

Salty is delighted by the Dragon’s promise he would soon see dear Valeria.

The Wise Dragon has a secret that he hopes will prove to be a pleasant surprise.  “Go to the Throne Hall.  I feel there’s a stranger there.” 

A stranger, wearing a long coat with a hood covering his face, appears in Throne Hall.  “I’m so glad to finally meet the person I’ve heard so much about.  And I hope you’re equally pleased to meet…your Uncle Vesnik!”

Count Leonard Vesnik, your Uncle, is very happy to see you.  “It is terrible to see my castle in such a bad condition.”  But it is such a pleasure for an “old man to finally get to the castle renovations!”  And to also repair the Chamber’s Heart.  Although they say repairs never stop, it’s nice to be home and putting everything in order.  Age is taking its toll, however, and your Uncle is happy for all your help.  The castle is cozier but one important room is completely destroyed and he’d like to fix it as soon as possible.  This is his daughter’s room, and it’s very important to him to keep this room in order.  Distracted from the sadness, your Uncle says “I was checking my heirlooms and it turned out something was missing.  My collection is nothing without it.”  Any respectful castle owner should have symbols of power and somehow his symbols are lost somewhere.  His mind still on lost things, Uncle Vesnik says “I missed so many important events, in older days my wife knew everything…I miss her so much!”  Family is sacred, and it feels so empty here now.  The place is nothing without your family to share it.  He’s impressed you found the Mystery Chamber but admits to making a critical mistake.  “I want to figure out where I went wrong in my search.” 

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LEVELS 24-25 cont.

The Wise Dragon said “Quite a surprise isn’t it?  You didn’t expect to see your uncle!”  He hid your Uncle from the Chamberlain in a different dimension.  Moving between worlds is hard and he needs to restore the enormous amount of energy expended.  Your Uncle is safe and the Chamberlain is no threat but the Wise Dragon advises against relaxing.  Feeling much better with his energy restored, he can now concentrate on his research in the astral world.  But there’s a hidden threat, “I feel our peace is being threatened.  I must find out what’s happening.  In the astral world, evil thoughts look like dark fog.”  And the Dragon has seen such mist near here!  “In the astral world, I saw darkness and flames in Midnight Castle.”  But there’s still hope.  After identifying the source of evil, it seems the dark fog is from the castle dungeon.  There’s an ill will brewing, and the Dragon thinks he knows who’s responsible.  “I think it’s the witch.  She’s not what she appears to be.  Be careful!” 

The Stone Fairy appears in Ancient Park.  “Hello, traveler!  I’m a fairy.  I was flying to a flower holiday when I was suddenly petrified.”  Desperate to understand, “I don’t know what’s going on.  A fairy can’t just be petrified.  Help me!”  To the Fairy, it feels like magic is gone all over the world.  She’s so weak, “It’s hard to stand so long!  There should be at least a tiny drop of magic!”  The Fairy needs to perform a magic ritual, but she’s been petrified so long that she’s forgotten how to make magic and perform rituals.  Unable to even start the ritual, the Fairy is resigned to remaining petrified.

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Arabella Scales, the Witch, is very interested in the Knight.  “There’s a rumor that the Werewolf Knight is wandering around the castle.  Such a presentable Knight might come in handy!”  The witch doesn’t want to be disturbed but needs to find out more about the Knight.  “How handsome is the Werewolf Knight?  And he’s near!  I’d invite him over.”  Arabella shoos you away and thinks of ways to lure the Knight.  “The Knight isn’t coming…And all I need from him is just his soul, werewolfish and enamored.”  Tired of waiting for you and the Knight, the witch gets sarcastic with “Are you waiting for thanks?  What would I do without you?  I’d live in clover, I guess…”  She’s frustrated that the “weird Werewolf Knight is too tolerant to my charms!”  Arabella heard your Uncle is alive and wonders if he’s really your Uncle.  But “Unluckily, it turns out he’s really your Uncle.  Are you sure that’s a good thing?  You don’t know each other at all, and now this stranger will reap all the rewards while you do the dirty work.”  She warns you that living with the relative and owner of the castle may disturb you. 

Valeria’s Spirit appears in the Chapel.  Amazed at meeting you again, she doesn’t know what happened but wants to apologize to the Dragon.  The Wise Dragon really is wise and isn’t angry at Valeria anymore.  She asks about her friend, Salty Took.  “Oh, dear Jeronimo, he was always too kind to me!  And I was so silly!”  Valeria wants to let Jeronimo know she’s still alive and happy so he doesn’t worry anymore.  She knows Took’s ghost doesn’t hold a grudge against her and she wants to show him she’s changed a lot.  “Jeronimo became a ghost because of me.  I must help him.  I’ve made so many mistakes!”  You gather some small pleasures that Valeria thinks would be great gifts for Jeronimo.  Poor Took, despite his kindness he still became a ghost, and remains a ghost despite all your past efforts.  Valeria can’t just stand and watch, but she doesn’t think she can help Jeronimo.  But she won’t give up!

The Knight and Anabel, together at the Castle Gates, are now engaged and thankful for your wonderful gift.  But in spite of their happiness, “It feels like the witch is still watching us.  We need a shield from her magic.”  This witch is hard to read, but after your help, she won’t have power over them anymore.  The Knight is sad that his father won’t be present at the ceremony.  Sir Oeland has been gone for years and it’s uncertain whether he’s dead or alive.  The search spell isn’t strong enough to go beyond the castle, so they use the Memento Mori to magnify the spell’s strength.  “Sir Oeland is alive but he is somewhere behind the veil of our world.  He seems trapped…”  Unfortunately, the spell over Sir Oeland is very strong and “the knowledge of who did this to him might actually shed some light on the ways to rescue him.”  The circle of suspects has been narrowed and there’s someone who can give a hint about Oeland but they would hardly speak for free.  “Great!  We found out that the witch locked up Sir Oeland in the space between the worlds.”  Apparently, the witch had plans for the werewolves for a long time and she must be distracted in order to save Oeland.  Sadly, releasing Sir Oeland didn’t work.