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Friends of TinyFaerie   Friends

Started 2/15/19 by TinyFaerie; 25948 views.

From: TinyFaerie


Darlene Thank you!!!! I definitely have an outpouring of friends and family which I am forever grateful to God for that blessing and for the rest of my health. I just see this as a set back

Adding my prayers to the others. I know things will work out, because you’re one tough lady! Please take care of yourself. Love and good thoughts coming your way.


From: TinyFaerie


Thank you  Pirate Lady. Your right about that I do bounce back and keep ticking. I just have to make sure I am getting plenty of rest and as always take my medication religiously.


From: SharpEye1


You can do it, my friend!  I have Faith in you!! heart_eyes


From: TinyFaerie


Im already bouncing back and not needing so much rest.  I'm a tough cookie and as long as I stay calm and rested it golden. I have medication for the seizures.


From: MCDeeDee


So sorry to hear about all the issues you're going through, Tiny. Best of luck to you with your health and family.



From: TinyFaerie


Thank you Dee Dee!!!!


From: kaaawagirl


Dear TF,

 Logged on today to see the latest, and OMG, saw what you are going through.  Best wishes to you and Know the universe will give you the strength you need, your friends and family will give you the support and love you need, and your doctors will give you the care you need. musclerevolving_hearts BTW, I quit cold turkey 5 yrs ago (b4 my COPD diagnosis!), so kudos to you for finally taking that plunge.  I know it wasn't all that easy.  We need all the fairy dust in this world and in MC world we can get, so take care of yourself and your family first.  


Dinah palm_treerainbow


From: TinyFaerie


Hi Dinah!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. It was surprisingly easy to quit smoking. I was on the patch in the hospital so got a small start. The rest I did on my own. Still feel weird not to take those cigarette breaks. I delighted you quit to and sounds like maybe earlier on in your COPD diagnosis whereas I waiting way to long. But now that is over with YAY

I am but a wee fairy but come from strong stock and am tough as nails. I am already feeling back to normal. Have meds to manage the seizures and all is well so far. 

I wish your future is met with good fortune

Much love 


Noni (Nonisgame2)

From: Noni (Nonisgame2)


Hi Tiny Fairy! I have been following along and I am so happy that you are feeling better. I too quit smoking cold turkey about 22 years ago, but I weaned myself off. I started with one pack and decided that was it, I cut out the non important during the day smokes and then the morning smoke. The hardest one was the after dinner smoke, for me, but now it is done and I feel just awesome. I have noticed a distinct dislike of smelling cigarettes now. It doesn't make me want one anymore, which is a good thing. Best of luck with your progress!!