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Halloween Event Friends for PC   Friends

Started 4/23/18 by TinyFaerie; 14664 views.

From: LibLo


Nona, I have you as a friend,but I'd like to know what "ice swaps" are.  I've seen , but never understood it.  Also, how do we know if someone is only an "Event" player?

Thank you for all of your help already. It was on one of your names NorryUK I think.

Have fun, LoisRep

Have fun, LoisReply

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Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Ice swaps: is short for Ice Breath "swaps".

Ice breath is a craft item that you can (like all others) trade in for shards. It is somewhat expensive to craft but if you have it on your wish list your friends can buy it for you for a mere 200 coins. So to get the Magic Miser achievement (which asks for 100k shards) someone clever came up with a thread for Ice breath friends where players working on magic miser would befriend each other, put this item on their wish list, collect and shard it when gifted and with none in the inventory buy their friends one in return.

Event players: usually before an event there are loads of friend requests of players who only want access to more private rooms to play the scenes. They don't want gifts. Some will delete these extra friends after the event, others keep them on for the next. There is usually no way of telling between events whether they are event only. It is normally indicated when requested/accepted.

One of my nicks...: There are mad mad mad people round here with up to 11 castles but I have only one. In MC I am just Nona. Norry is another player and member of the consortium. You can check the players list (master name listing - PC).

You're welcome