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Halloween Event Friends for Andriod   Friends

Started 4/23/18 by TinyFaerie; 25308 views.

From: TinyFaerie


Welcome to the Halloween Event Friend listing for Android players.

This is where you add friends specifically for the Halloween Event.

Please bear in mind these friends are for the Event only. 

Please do not gift these friends as it upsets everyone gifting process.

If you are looking for permanent friends please go the Andriod Friends  listing

Once you feel you have enough event friends please feel free to come back and edit your game ID out so your not swamped with more requests than you can handle.

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Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)


To all,

opened all my feeder/SE games and 2 low level games for extra SE rooms which are already up.

Same will be offered for x-mas so you might like to stay.

If these games have a wishlist up it is for swap+exchange,

but mainly in between the special events.

If you like to use swap/exchange expect some time as going to have max 200 players on each game.

Just invite all or choose a few of SE rooms 

a mix of SE inventory: #JannaSE

with mix plus spring items: #JannaSE+sp  

with mix plus x-mas eggs: #JannaSE+×

At the moment 11 rooms are on offer.

Take as many as you want.

Games which are full up will be switched back to their usual name.

HappyGoodyHunt, Janna

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


That's not a bump!

That's a bump!


From: Minaharker50


Need friends for halloween and xmas. Thanks



From: chilpep


Welcome to the castle. 

What is your game name and I will put you on the Master List for Android players.


From: Minaharker50


My ingame name is Mina Harker. Thanks

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Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)


Edit of new info and Bump.

See you soon.


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From: CGoff


Hello Everyone,

Now that the Download has shown we will have a Halloween Room (with 3 HOS scenes!) I'm listing my old accounts here.

Dead Account - a599185

cg Event Only - a774605

I will run the download on the old systems tonight load up the Halloween private room and add any friend requests that come in.   Remember these accounts are for the Event only - not active.

For those who are regular players  - I'm also looking for active friends in my regular game, CEEG a925235 Level  82  (will also post this one over on the regular friends list.