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Seasonal Events CONSORTiUM - all you need to know   Archives

Started 4/23/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 21764 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Welcome to the SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM (often shortened to CONSORTIUM) thread.    The Consortium is a group of players and their wonderful, awesome friends who help other players achieve their goals of gaining Seasonal Pets or Achievements.   

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Helping players with ITEMS from ALL SEASONAL EVENTS is our primary objective.

We are ordinary players (not BFG employees) playing our own games & helping others where assistance has been requested.  We are NOT here to replace a player doing the work on their own game.  We are here to help the player achieve a goal.  We are volunteers extending a helping hand.

We stockpile seasonal items on our games & gift them as needed.  We also have the pet eggs if a player is seeking to craft an older, regular pet.  Our awesome friends send us their extra items which allows us to have sufficient stores to gift needed Seasonal items even if the Event is over. 

All a player seeking help has to do is post in the thread SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - ask here for help.  The Consortium members & their friends answer the post - usually by posting, sending a PM or an invite to their game/s.  Please give your playing platform – PC, iOS or android.  That way the appropriate people can respond.  After that it is a process of gifting the needed items as per the wish list of the recipient. 

The Consortium began April 29, 2015.  It was founded in response to lots of players saying that they had been unable to complete the 2014 Christmas Event & so did not have enough items (cards or eggs) to craft the Christmas pets or get the Achievement.  Players banded together & started gifting their extras.  Since then we have grown to include assisting with items from ALL SEASONAL EVENTS – Winter, Spring & Fall (Events so far). 

If you wish further information or have a question, please post or send a PM.  My forum name is Debbie1845 .  

Happy gaming everyone!


(Consortium Co-ordinator)

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


I have created 2 threads. 

This thread - SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - all you need to know. 

On this thread, you will find an explanation as to what we do, how to go about asking for assistance, how to donate to the CONSORTIUM or volunteer to help and general information.  This thread will also have a list of the CONSORTIUM members. 

The second thread is SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - ask here for help. 

This thread is a place for players who would like assistance with the seasonal pets and/ or achievements to register their request.  It will also contain an explanation on how to go about asking for help and the list of CONSORTIUM members. 

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


General information:

To those players who wish to donate items to the Consortium members or would like to be a Consortium elf please place your post on this thread. 

Being a part of the Consortium is easy & can be in 2 different ways:

-  By donating items to the members.  Send a PM to the member with your offer, your game name & id.   Donating works like gifting - one item at a time.

-  By offering to assist players who request the help of the CONSORTIUM.  If you have the items the player is requesting & you have the room on your game, you can answer their post, send an invite and begin gifting the items (if they are on the recipient's wish list). 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our primary role is to help players with Seasonal Event items.  In the last couple of months some of us have received invites from players who do NOT want these items.  While we may retain players as friends after the seasonal items have been gifted, our games often have a long friends list.  PLEASE if all a player sending us an invite wants are some friends to exchange regular items with, can you please go to the appropriate “Friends” thread or PM us & we will direct you there!!  The above does NOT apply to our wonderful supporters who gift us their extras along with some regular items.

We reserve the right to decline players.  Our friends list can be long (in the hundreds sometimes) & it can make our games suffer playing problems so it may be necessary to decline a player once a player has achieved their seasonal event goal.  I do hope you all understand that it is not personal but if we are to continue helping players we need room on our games.  We may also decline players who send an invite & never ask for event items.  This does not apply to those players donating items to the CONSORTIUM. 

As of April 30 2018, the BFG forum will move to a “read only” format.  That means that we will no longer be able to post there.  So we have moved to the Delphi Forum.  Thank you so much to Gen & her helpers for setting the forum up.  We are bringing across from the old thread in the BF Midnight Castle forum the list of members of the Consortium but no other posts.  We are starting afresh.  If you wish to see past posts please go to the BFG Midnight Castle forum.

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)



Taken from the Consortium thread on the BFG forum.

List of current Consortium Members on All Platforms!! 

smirkAs Debbie has posted this List, any editing will need to be done by Debbie .  Please pm Debbie  if anyone has been missed or if this list needs editing in any way.  Also, any and all questions about the Consortium, or seeking help for any platform, please contact Debbie. She is Co-ordinatior for the Consortium, and will help point you in the proper direction. Please post to her here in the Consortium Thread, or feel free to PM her at any time and she will quickly answer you and help to resolve whatever matters or issues you are seeking!! Thank you so very much!! The Consortium!! 

Playing on PC




One Cent 


Playing on Android

Dot 2 


Playing on iOS

Debbie  (Consortium Co-ordinator) 


Miss Tracy 


Edited to show

                           Debbie has joined the Consortium to help all players and support all members!! She is Consortium Co-ordinator!! Welcome!! 

                           JM/SB has been deleted as the player is leaving the game.  Wishing Susie the best!

                           Miss Tracy has joined the Consortium ranks to help iOS players! Welcome!! 

                           Jackie, on both PC & iOS, has been deleted.  Jackie has very limited time to play MC so has asked that her name be removed.  She did not wish to disappoint anyone seeking help but as she rarely plays, she felt it better to leave us.  We wish Jackie all the best on her new endeavours. She will be missed!! Her contributions, are invaluable!!      


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From: datsalotta


Thanks aussiedot

datsalotta / piesy

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Cinderella and Jackie are showing a red dot for some time now and have an August after their names. Any news about them?


From: SharpEye1


I'm so glad you asked because I had noticed that as well and was just about to post the question myself.  Jackie was my very first friend (after Just John, LOL) so I'm hoping it's nothing serious. worried


From: SharpEye1


Hi Nona, Just a little update since we posted regarding Cinderella/Jackie--I have heard through a friend that Jackie is fine but just needs some down time for a bit.  I know we've all been there, done that, at one time or another. heart_eyes