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Friends of Nona   Messages from the Heart

Started 4/8/19 by Nona (Waldmeister); 7335 views.
Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Thank you all for your well wishes and kind words.

Have now wlan in hospital and it looks as I will stay until Tuesday.

A friend was today at my mom's and she says she's much better in spirits and in body, has some colour to her cheeks. Quite a relief.

Turns out my blood is fine, no anemia. They found that I am hypercalcaemic. Now I get something to rinse it out plus liquids plus a diuretic - walking to and fro the loo...

Pain has been better since the weekend and seems to be a thing of the past at least in my legs - knock on wood! Bone still playimg up but there are worse things:

They are still experimenting with pain meds - not funny. Got a low dose of hydromorphone last evening and went gaga 'til full blown panic (and I never ever panic!), bit in my duvet for not screaming, took me a minute before I could even answer the nurse with one pressed out word PANIC, hyperventilated, needed the lights on and for the first time in decades was in desperate need for my teddy bear. They got a doctor out and gave me something to calm down. Then I could sleep and the next morning was sane again. I don't get people who take that stuff for recreational use. Opioids, morphine - no thanks!


From: misstracy22


Know the reaction you have to certain analgesics. Have also, had similar   reaction. Only wasn’t in hospital. I had two things going on in my head, I was going to suffocate if a lay down. Panic. Then the other part of my mind said don’t be stupid. I don’t have a spilt personality. So desperate few nights, with window open, lights on, walking and walking round and round. Hyperventilating. At least now you are in a good place. With things looking up. Positive progress. You sound like you are over the worst, so far.
Also your mum is being cared for. You have someone who will look in on her and report to you. Big sigh of relief I’m sure. 
So next thing is to get over the boredom of being in hospital. Hope they have a socket to enable you to recharge your iPad/laptop.wink
Best wishes and speedy recovery to both you and your mum.


Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



You have been through so much, yet your strength, dignity, clarity of mind, and care for your Mom proceeds you. 

Sometimes when in the hospital, and they give you a medication towards nighttime, it is referred to as “Sundowning”. first_quarter_moon With the loss of the natural light from the outside due to the setting sun, it throws us a bit off balance and puts our mind in a real tizzy!! 
You are dealing with such difficult aspects of your health. So try to get as much rest as possible, knowing that your beautiful Mom is being well taken care of, should put your mind at some ease. 

Your friends couple back here on the Forum, we are all praying for you pray, and hope you can strongly feel those thoughts and prayers directed at well as your Mom. 
Prayers are heard and they are answered!! innocent
Stay strong, my friend...we all miss you and are holding you in our hearts heartpulse to get through this and back home as soon as possible!!

Hugs~ Debbie 

Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


Nona.......I’m so glad to hear about your mother. I’m sure it is a big relief for you! There’s some good news for you too (no anemia, less pain) but that experience you had with the pain meds sounded scary! I hope they find the right concoction that works for you! I’m sure you can’t wait to get back home but please rest so you can get to feeling stronger. We all care for you!


From: CzoeMC


Oh...Nona, haven't had time to cruise MCForum for some time, and haven't even been playing much, but was wondering why you were not accepting gifts, when I went on yesterday.

To have a parent's health concerns, AND your own at the same time, only a brave one could do it, such as yourself. It is great that you have support systems, both physical, and emotional available to you, and you can certainly count me in as a person who cares about you, along with your other friends here.

Be well first, and if you do feel up to playing, just ask for help with any of the tasks, pets, or ANYthing, and I'm sure we will have you on the top of the lists for gifting (as in our thoughts for your recovery).

Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


Does anyone have an update on Nona? Di (amina046) started a new post under “Friends” and I remembered there was another post under “Messages From the Heart” that had 51responses. I‘m a little concerned as well and I thought someone here might know something

In reply toRe: msg 52
Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


I am afraid to ask ... Have you got news from Nona?? I've noticed her game has turned green again but not sure it is reliable ...

Keeping my fingers crossed... heartpulse


From: susieQball


Hi Theo,  I am also a friend of Nona and her game is green again but her private room is still on Fall room 2.  I wish we would know what has become of her > I do miss her and her wonderful posts  and she sure had a lot of things going on in her life.  If any one knows please  let us know.  Also have another friend Dez that has been missing for quite some time  

I hope some one knows        SusieQ


From: katiek2


Nona is also one of my game friends, along with both of you.  I , too, have wondered what was happening with her.  I checked my spreadsheets back to July, which is the earliest one I still have.  She showed inactive through December, then went green again, but she hasn't been active, at least not on my game.  Hope all is well with her.


Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


She turned green on my game but has no wishlist. Hope she is better, her last post was grim.