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SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - ask here for help   The Consortium

Started 4/23/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 50151 views.

Attention all iOS Consortium Members:

Druid, Catheryne, Jackie, and Datsalotta, 

I have sent to each of you a PM with pertinent information about our dear friend and great helper to the Consortium, Crystal. Her level 82 game has now been fixed and updated. 

Please read it and make certain to send out immediate invites to her lvl 82 game so it is back on your friends list couple and she may continue her wonderful dedication and assistance to each and every one of us. You will find all the necessary information you will need in the PM’s I have sent. 

If you look at the message by my name, it indicates that a PM is waiting for all Consort Members. 

Thank you so much as always for your help, assistance and patience while Crystal diligently worked on getting her game fixed just so she may continue to do her work helping us!!

Kudos and three cheers for Crystal!! tadabouquetsparkleskissing_heart


Let me know if I should put a wish list up,for consortium needs.....

always like to, pay it forwardinnocent


I sent you a PM in reference to posting some things for the Consortium!! If you might read it and let me know if that works for you?? I so greatly appreciate it!! pray

Just PM me and let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements!! 

I am so grateful as always!! 


Attention all iOS Consortium Members: 

Druid, Catherine, Jackie, Datsalotta, 

It is a very busy time for us at iOS Consortium, donations and offers to help continue to come in and we are SO GRATEFUL!! As well as, SO APPRECIATIVE!! 

My dear friend  Attie has asked if she could please become friends of all iOS Consortium Members for her Benit game (she also has an Attie game at a LL). That way she will be able to gift you whatever you need to help LL players or any other players in need of our assistance!! 

I have sent all pertinent information in PM’s to you so you may extend an invitation to her, or if she sends one to you, please make certain to accept it!! She will make a wonderful addition to your friends list couple. Both of her games have been on mine for as long as I can remember.

This most generous offer for her to help the Consortium in this way...we are very humbled and most thankful for her generosity!!

Attie, you are truly a wonderful friend and we most graciously accept your help and honor your giving spirit!! pray innocenttadabouquethibiscusrevolving_hearts



From: attie1234


Thank you so much Debbie!  blush  I look forward to helping you all! kissing_heart

And.... may I add, that I put wish list for consortium use on my old L82 game, mainly for April to send her extras..... and my regular generous friends have jumped in to gift that list  too . thank you dear friends innocentbouquet


From: datsalotta



Hey Debbie

I have accepted Benit 's (Attie)invite. I am pretty low on fur balls, and -what's that blue bottle- ya know the one, and will also be putting rabbit paws , and that frog on my wish list. Whatever players are asking for I need those items to gift. So thank you Benit also here to mention *piesy my 2nd consortium game id no. 764620 - also in need of same items. Thankyou for the help, much appreciated.

And Debbie - Kudos to you for the wonderful way you have to welcome consortium helpers. You da best!!!



‘helping Debbie out of old L82  game , that had been locked out. Able play that game again. Sent an invite , as I have  some fur balls...

that’s the yarn? To gift you... so you can pass them on.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi datsalotta,  wave

I have some of those items to spare so will send you some.  All the best.

Dot sunglassesearth_asia


From: attie1234


Thank you Datsalotta!  I am always at a loss of which item to gift so next time I will gift the fur ball.  I am so glad to be added and able to help you all. I agree.....Debbie is so sweet and helpful!  Have fun playing!  dancer (happy dancing through the game) Attie