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SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - ask here for help   The Consortium

Started 4/23/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 65502 views.

From: datsalotta



Hey Debbie

I have accepted Benit 's (Attie)invite. I am pretty low on fur balls, and -what's that blue bottle- ya know the one, and will also be putting rabbit paws , and that frog on my wish list. Whatever players are asking for I need those items to gift. So thank you Benit also here to mention *piesy my 2nd consortium game id no. 764620 - also in need of same items. Thankyou for the help, much appreciated.

And Debbie - Kudos to you for the wonderful way you have to welcome consortium helpers. You da best!!!



‘helping Debbie out of old L82  game , that had been locked out. Able play that game again. Sent an invite , as I have  some fur balls...

that’s the yarn? To gift you... so you can pass them on.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi datsalotta,  wave

I have some of those items to spare so will send you some.  All the best.

Dot sunglassesearth_asia


From: attie1234


Thank you Datsalotta!  I am always at a loss of which item to gift so next time I will gift the fur ball.  I am so glad to be added and able to help you all. I agree.....Debbie is so sweet and helpful!  Have fun playing!  dancer (happy dancing through the game) Attie

In reply toRe: msg 193

From: Lizzardo123


Trying to get hounder (and one other).   Sorry my brain is foggy but need help getting hounder   my id is A880500

My brain is fried but I think my kindle fire (root kited) is android so I hopefully Dot and others can help me out.  Can someone

point me to the "magic miser" info and if that's a quest or what?   Also is it worth it paying all the hard earned coins/gems to

decorate my rooms.  Been doing it here and there along with the jigsaw puzzles (which I have all).  Is there an award for getting

all the new puzzles and/or having them all?




If you need help and assistance with getting Hounder or any other Fall or Event Pets, please contact the Consortium!! 

Dot plays on Android and there are many helpers who would be more then happy to assist you with getting  him!! 

I play on iOS or it would be my pleasure to help!! 


Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Lizzardo  wave

I am Dot. I will send you an invite to my Dot 2 game.  Happy to help you get the Hounder - you will need 2000 coins, 20 candle ends, 20 swamp sparks, 30 pumpkins, 40 glowing mixture.

Magic Miser is an achievement.  The information is found a fair way down the list in your Achievement folder.  It is one of Trina's achievements - not a quest.  You collect shards (eg from HOS or catching butterflies in the private rooms) or you can convert inventory to shards.  Both ways count.  For the achievement you will need

Stage 1 (of achievement):  Collect 1000 magic shards - reward 5 diamonds.

Stage 2 :                                Collect 50,000 magic shards - reward 10 diamonds. 

Stage 3:                                 Collect 100,000 magic shards - reward 20 diamonds.

Remember : Stage 1 counts towards Stage 2 so you really collect 49,000 shards to finish stage 2.  Similarly Stage 2 counts towards Stage 3 so you need to collect another 50,000 shards to complete the achievement. 

Some players swap Ice Breath (a craft item) to help with collecting shards.  It only works if you have none of the item in your inventory.  They cost 2000 coins + other items to craft BUT if you buy the item (to send to a friend) it only costs 290 coins (already crafted).  The idea is you send to another player who is swapping, they get the item & immediately convert it to shards.  Then they buy you an Ice Breath (IB) & send it to you.  When you get it, shard it & buy an IB for the other player.  The swap keeps going back & forth as long as you need it to.  Sometimes other craft items are used but it needs to be decided between you & your swapping friend.  Just watch your coins!

There is also an achievement for converting items into shards.  It is called Wizard. 

No award for getting/ doing all the puzzles BUT I do them often as they help to get/ keep a healthy diamond count.  I sometimes get the items but really chasing the diamonds.

I decorate my rooms when I have the spare coins/ diamonds/ shards. There is no race - just do it when you can afford it.  There are achievements for furnishing your rooms & doing Trina's quests & getting the golden keys & opening parts of your rooms. 

Hope this helps.

Have fun in the castle.

Dot sunglassesearth_asia

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Debbie star2

Thanks for finding & send Lizzardo to the Consortium.  You are a gem!  sparkles

Dot sunglassesearth_asia

In reply toRe: msg 196

From: Lizzardo123


Thanks so much all!  My kindle fire is not charging like it used to.  Trying to move game to another one but no luck getting my profile into new unit.  My brain just hurts

thinking of dealing with Amazon to try to get this done and worried that I might lose my game id..... 

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Lizzardo

I transferred my game from my android phone to an android tablet using the Big Fish Customer Service.  I am not technologically savvy enough to try using saved files, etc.

I started a new game on the device I want to use now (my tablet).  It is the new id number you need.   I played to level 6 but you can play to any level.  Note: When your game is transferred, it will cover this game with your old game.  So I did not do many levels.

On my old game, I made a note of all my friends & their id numbers because when you get your game transferred you lose all your friends.  Note: your old game id number.  I also put a note on my avatar that "Closed.NewID a********".  This is to let your friends know that you will have a new id.

Contact BF Customer Service & ask to transfer your game to a new device - give them your old id number & your new id number.  Answer all emails you get (even the automated greeting) as this keeps you in the queue for service.  Transferring your game usually does not take long (providing the techs are not swamped with other problems).  

When your game is transferred, you can re-invite all your friends. 

Then you can contact Amazon about your kindle fire not charging. 

I also used the above method when my tablet had problems charging.  (1) Noted old id number & my friends list.  (2) Contacted BF & informed them my tablet needed a factory reset.  Answered emails sent to me. (3) When I got my tablet back, I started a new game.  (4) Contacted BF & gave them my new id number & my old id number.   I had my game transferred within 72 hours.   

Good luck in getting your game transferred. 

Dot sunglassesearth_asia

In reply toRe: msg 198

From: Lizzardo123



Thanks so much!!! I'm at level 88 or something -  all those 15k in coins!!  I don't think I could start again.  Head would explode.

And yesterday -  got a destiny key.   Accidentally  sold it!   DOH!! 

Tech is just so wonderful these days and don't cause any anxiety!  not.....  LOL! 

Sending you those golden eggs!!!