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HOSs and ZZs   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/24/18 by AEGram; 40514 views.

From: AEGram


I have an Excel Spreadsheet that I use for my HOSs and ZZs .... it contains ALL of them including what is in each one and the coin/shard value .... in the ZZ portion, it shows what is needed to open it, what you get out of it, and the value (coins/shards) of what you get from it.

It is my "Bible" from which I created the "Where does it come from and where does it go" thread and the "Coins and Shards -- What's an item worth." --- I created 2 threads on BFG because I just couldn't figure out how to get it all in one thread without it being very unorganized.

However, here, we can actually upload a file .....I decided to see if I could attach it to this post ... I was both successful attaching and deleting it. 

I will  change out the spreadsheet when we get updates and put a post in this thread that it has been updated....PLUS, each of you can also post comments and questions in this thread without worrying about the material being separated and becoming cluttered.

I am VERY RELUCTANT to download and open files from people other than family because I worry so much about getting a virus. 

What is the general consensus? Is the file attachment a good idea? (one you will use) .... or, are you concerned about opening the file?

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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)



Wow, what a great list! I am always wondering where items are hiding and an Excel spreadsheet makes it so much easier to find stuff! So a big YES from me for your hard work ... again!! grinningrose


From: AEGram


With the Excel spreadsheet ..... players can actually search it for what they are seeking and if you click the "find all" it will show you all the cells in which it is found.

I mostly started that sheet because when opening a new ZZ, it seemed like some of them were ALWAYS required and it made me curious about how many times some of them are used to open ZZs .....

At the bottom of the sheet is a "legend" for the color coding.

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From: katiek2


Love the "click and ye shall find" aspect.  Thanks for this.

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have tried clicking on the attachment and the link but it doesn't work.   I don't mind if you do it as an attachment.  I have good anti virus protection.  Whatever works best will be fine with me


From: AEGram


Hmmmm... I just tried it again..... when you click on it, the first option you get is to download it to your computer and your pc will suggest a location.....After "saving it," you can then open the document.

Is anyone else having a problem with opening it?

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Is there any way to save it on an iPad? Emailing it didn't work.


From: AEGram


To read the file, you would need to have an "app" on your device that can read it..... MS Office has is an Excel document, ergo, a PC with MS Office can read it (well if you have MS Office 2010 or newer).

There are some free programs on the Internet that can be downloaded for reading MS Office files (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint being the most common)

But, I doubt you will be able to download it to an iPad because iPad has no program with which to open it.

(Someone else please post if this is incorrect)