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Friends of Suenamie, Suenamie2, and Suenamie 3   Messages from the Heart

Started 5/11/19 by Suenamie5; 2451 views.

From: SharpEye1


Oh dear, Sue--I'm glad you get to go home.  Sending prayers your way for continuing your recovery and good health!   I know about congestive heart failure because of my brother so I know it is manageable with home oxygen.  Happy Mother's Day!! Ada heart_eyes

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From: Suenamie5


I thank you guys for the kind thoughts.  I remember you Wee Sam, you were a friend of mine before my computer crash a year agoheart_eyes

I was able to catch up with the 3 days of the CC that I missedrelaxed.

Happy Mother's Day all!!


Hi Sue

Sorry I've only just seen you have been poorly. But it is good to know that you have been well looked after and are back home.

Well done on CC catch up but remember to take care of yourself.

And Happy Mother's day to you as well.



From: oiuoiu321


Sorry you're going through this, Sue, but glad that you're able to go home.  That's a great way to celebrate Mother's Day.

Glad to see you are back.  Do you still play ART?    I have you there as on a break.  I am NanDownes, there

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From: Suenamie5


Thanks you guys for the kind words.  Norry I'm definitely getting rest and using the oxygen when needed!

Anna- I stopped playing ART in 2016 when they stopped updating it.  I did play it through twice though heart_eyes.  You were the one who told me about MC in 2014.  I like the way this game keeps me busy.  I do play a lot of other Big Fish and Wild Tangent games too.

Still enjoying the castle, 



From: TinyFaerie


Sorry to hear your having problem My prayers go out to you!

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Hey Suenamie. Yes, we were friends for a number of years. I don't think you are on my friend list now, but I still remember you.

My dad has acute heart failure, so I understand some of what you are going through. Mostly, he is constantly exhausted and has awful headaches. So sorry to hear you are going through all this. 


From: Suenamie5


I know severe heart failure is very serious.  My Dad was in and out of the hospital for over a decade, probably 30 times!  I have moderate Congestive Heart Failure.  My breathing is improving a lot.

Thank you Wee Sam and Tiny Faerieblush.