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Latest challenge??   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started May-14 by Marmot57; 919 views.

From: Marmot57


Someone please tell me I'm not crazy thinking that having to get 25 chocolates is absurd!!!!

You can mainly get chocolates from friends or in HOS. Mainly the HOS scenes in your Spring Rooms will give you chocolates but you can only go there once a day.. It will take forever to get 25. I have 8 so far. I think it's absurd to use that this late in the challenge. Am I wrong?

I have played dozens of regular HOS and not one chocolate found.

Is it just me or are any of you having trouble getting that many chocolates??

Does anyone know another of easier way to get 25 chocolates??

I'd appreciate your help. This is my first time on the new forum. I haven't checked in since the other forum closed down.

Thank you.


Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Friends is by far the easiest way to get them. You're right about the HOSs  sometimes closing MC and starting again gets you on a better run. You can also get them as rewards from DQs.


From: LvlSlgr



Nona is correct. Put the chocolates on your gift list ... friends are the easiest way to get these. I usually try to complete the challenges on my own, but not this time. I had to rely on friends while also doing my best by completing the HOS.

Don't be afraid to "ask" for help.

ShaSha (Myhashen)

From: ShaSha (Myhashen)


This challenge seems to be harder than the ones in the past, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get through it.  I got behind when I had to be in Dallas for 8 days (my grand daughter had tonsils out and couldn't go to school and the baby was sick, too)  and then, 4 days after I got home, I had 5 house guests for a week - 2 BIG men and 3 slightly smaller ones.  astonished  I'm still trying to get nuts.  25 chocolates may be the end for me.  I've only gotten this far because I have such great, helpful friends.   Except for when my computer died, this will be the first challenge in several years (3? 4?) that I can't finish, if I don't make it.  Thank you to all helpful friends.  ShaSha, AKA Myhashen.  

Don’t give up,  place nuts on list only, when enough collected, place chocolates only.  Place next to your avatar, need 7 more nuts as a countdown. It usually helps people to gift more. ( at  least for my experience) Consortium will help.  

The dice throws are my biggest challenge. Have done some puzzles for diamonds.

I am on iOS platform, so can’t gift you.... but many of us on all platforms are working hard to catch people up.

Yes, I agree, this was a tough  challenge, as I work 12 hour shifts, and out of the castle with other activities.

ShaSha (Myhashen)

From: ShaSha (Myhashen)


Thanks to all for your help.  Crystal;P, I took your advice and I am now caught up  - after hours and hours of HOS and tons of help from my friends.  Again, my thanks to all.  Now working on the dice thing.  Don't really want to use diamonds to get through these 2 dice challenges, but I will if I must.  So far, have gotten 2 wins over troll.  11 & 1/2 hours and 3 to go.   Now to go outside and enjoy some of the lovely sunshine here in South, USA!  ShaSha/Myhashen

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From: Suenamie5


I agree.  This CC was very greedy and if I didn't have the best friends ever, to swap items with, it would have been crazy! Especially so close to the end.  I spent more diamonds this time than I have in a year toofearful.

Hope everyone made it through blush.



From: TinyFaerie



The blasted dice could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. After all the stuffing ZZs full, searching, & swapping, the stupid dice could prevent me from finishing this CC.  angry  

That’s just vile, putting it this late in the month. 


From: mmpendo


Desertdruid (stillDruid) said:

That’s just vile, putting it this late in the month. 

I'm laughing at the word 'vile', strong but appropriate.

We don't have a few days to catch up so we are forced to spend diamonds on top of the coin it costs.