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Prayers Needed    Messages from the Heart

Started May-18 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 877 views.
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Our dear friend LadyBirdwent through a very serious surgery towards the end of last month. She was hospitalized for a long period of time. 

Unfortunately there were many complications and she did not get the positive results her doctors were hoping would be the outcome.

We are in very close contact and it will be quite some time before she can even think about returning to the Castle. She loves MC, so please no one delete her, she will be back !! It is just going to take some time. 

I am hoping you can join me in sending prayers her way!! pray  Because I truly believe that they are felt, heard, and answered!! innocent

Thanks to all!!



From: KatieAn56



I am so sorry to hear about her complications. Sending prayers her way for more positive results and the strength she needs!! pray I believe prayers are heard, felt and answered, too! Please keep us updated.  Thanks!


Bluemoon (CHB1002)

From: Bluemoon (CHB1002)


I don’t know Ladybird but am very happy to pray for her recovery. Prayers do make a difference.


From: CindyK65


So sorry to hear this. I know how discouraging complications can be and hope that she can keep her spirits up.  Praying that she is up and feelng better soon.

I would love to send her a PM when she is feeling better if you will let me know. Please keep us updated. Prayers for continued healing.


From: TinyFaerie


My continued prayers will follow you where ever life takes you.

Thank you Debbie,

I will not delete her, and will add her to my prayers. 

Absolutely, I will not delete our dear Ladybird, & will continue to hold her in my heart & pray for her relief & recovery. 

Gentle hugs heartbeat & well-wishes, Ladybird! Come back to us when you can. bouquet


From: oiuoiu321


Praying for Ladybird

I have her on my friend list and now on my prayer list. We will be happy to see her again when she’s ready to return to the castle!