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Master Name Listing - PC    Player Lists

Started 5/19/19 by chilpep; 13027 views.

From: Siberlene


Please add me to the PC player list.


Game ID 442773


When I click on Player List nothing happens. 


From: chilpep


Hi Siberlene

Welcome to the castle.  You have been added to the PC master list.

When you Click on Players Lists Heading (712 messages in 7 discussions) the 7 discussions in that folder should show right underneath it.  Right now the discussions are: Master Name Listing - PC, Master Name Listing - Android, Master Name Listing - IOS, Complete MC Players list Add Me, Corrections To Master Name Lists, Please add me to the MC Players list PC and Should Player ID's Be Added to the Players Lists?  You would then have to click on one of the discussions to open it.  Hope this helps

  • Edited October 22, 2019 7:02 pm  by  chilpep

From: GaviTn


place add me to the game list GaviTn 822348, if the game ever downloads on my computer.  out of power for about 30 hrs, now nothing works properly, uninstalled Midnight Castle to reinstall it to see if that would help, GUESS WHAT now it won't install again. Such is life



From: chilpep


Hi GaviTn

Welcome to the disrupted/distressed castle!

I have added you to the PC master list.

Here's hoping your reinstall works soon.  I'm sure you've turned off computer after uninstalling game, cleared cache, all that fun stuff.


From: Gadget23Mom


Please add my name to player list.  Game ID is 868463.  The game ID is new, but I'm at level 98 and have played forever.  I didn't know of this forum, but glad I found it.  New computer, friends list was lost.  Please help.

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

Hi Rae, Mom is being shy, I got her on MC but she won't log onto the forum...yet. Can you add her to the PC list? She needs friends.

JaD 870684

Thank you!