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If There Was a Summer Event...   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started May-20 by P1tbull; 2340 views.

From: P1tbull


This stretch between the SE and the FE is the longest (and perhaps monotonous at times). If there was to be a summer event, what would/could/should be included?

What would our enchanted eggs be?

What pets would we craft?

What would the morphing objects be?

What parts would we collect from HOS's?

What parts would we collect from the DQ?

What parts would we collect from the morphing objects?

Should it include 4th of July? (Bearing in mind the FE includes both Halloween and Thanksgiving).

For 2 years I’ve been hoping for a Renaissance Festival for summer.  It’s back to the original medieval theme of MC, with Knights jousting & feasting & merriment. 

There’s so much you could do with that ……

I had thought we could have vendor booths for our private rooms. You could choose your profession & furnish it accordingly. There could be swordsmiths, jewelry makers, dressmakers, leather crafters, bakers, fortune tellers …… more, I’m sure. 

There should be roasted turkey legs, of course! (Morphing turkey legs?) And minstrels. 

The collection could be the jousting Knights. And their fine steeds. Maybe pieces of their armor.

A joust would be an interesting puzzle. 

One thing it should NOT include is any reference to July 4 - MC is global, and the US is just 1 corner of the world. 


From: P1tbull


Oh I love your idea! 


From: Glaeken10


Desertdruid's idea is a great one! I had thought a summer theme like a beach party with sea themes would also be fun. Use beach balls for morphing items. Shovels or umbrellas for catching ghosts. Add a couple of sea animals for pets. 


From: P1tbull


I had thought the same as you with beach balls and umbrellas/parasols, sunhats etc. But I also really like Desertdruid's idea relaxed

There was talk a little bit ago of a 5th Birthday Party for MC.  MaryCricket came up with that idea and I thought it would be cool to be able to send birthday gifts to friends (like the Christmas gifts).  The devs did express some interest, so I'm still hoping that happens.


From: P1tbull


Yeah I remember that but then nothing ever became of it, or at least not yet anyway disappointed

LOL, I'm hoping that the Spring Event got in the way and maybe we'll have the Birthday Party sometime between now and the Fall Event.  I think that would be fun.


From: MCDeeDee


This sounds like lots of fun, Druid. I'd go for this.


Is there a way to contact developers? I don't visit the forum often enough to know if they pay attention to this one or not.