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NEW UPDATE?   Technical Issues

Started 5/24/19 by SharpEye1; 68239 views.
In reply toRe: msg 287

From: Tannie2018


Be careful in updating. A lot of us have lost our game. The odd thing about this is I kept all my friends, and they are able to gift to me from the old friend code. Other than that, everything reset to level 1 and everything was lost.

Just as it tried to finish the update, I did see a brief message that there was difficulty and it should be fixed in a few days.

I THOUGHT  I lost my game, then all friends, but no....all is mostly OK.    It did take over 10 minutes last night with my download buffering at 0% installed before the permission popup appeared, then the download took a good 45 minutes.    Had John as only friend while I played a few HOS, then everybody showed up.   

I had impatiently tried to just close the game...when it was at zero %....and got an error message and a warning, so I just waited.  

Patience is key this time.  Not bragging, I feel very lucky, and just want to warn others. 

The only game issue I have right now....the game closes each time I gift someone.  


editing this a half hour or more later..

 (UGH.  I just went back to the game....and it is not responding when I open the Social Room, but I can see that it says I can gift 5 right now (it should say 4!)  Was hoping to gift 5 before and after my new 'day'. )


And now it closes down every time I touch the Social for more than a moment...tried to gift, shut down.  Change wish list, game closed.  Oh, and a few times CONNECTION LOST.   Am going to give my pc a rest for a couple of hours and peek in again.  ***But on a happy note, I got the day one of the Challenge done in record time, lol.  First time ever beating the dragon without  having to come back the next day or paying to play dice again.  

good luck, all.


From: Honeyphan


I have noticed each time I go to gift (it always crashes after I gift one, though last time I was able to gift two) - and I open my game again to try to gift another - it always shows 5 left, even though I've gifted some. So now I'm wondering if any of those players are receiving my gifts...

I think I'll just wait to gift until they fix the problem.

Hello everyone! It seems I am having mostly a different issue than everyone else, or at least I think I am? I skipped through some message prompts about the latest castle challenge event but there are no new avatars to unlock! It only shows my current existing one, is this intentional? 
I'm not having any lost progress issues so far but it doesn't seem my fall event has starts, if it was supposed to?

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


It's the Frames around your avatar that are the prize. Discussion going on here


From: LvlSlgr


Moose (Augustus3468) said:

it doesn't seem my fall event has starts, if it was supposed to?

No, the Fall Event hasn't started. The latest update was for new content and not the Fall Event. 

Oh I see. Thank you both :)

In reply toRe: msg 294

Didn't touch my game all day today, after the headache of last night.   

Finally got the courage ? to open it tonight...especially since the instructions for the newest CC read like there may be a time limit of 24 hours each...worried the new setup wouldn't allow us to play catchup like previous challenges did.  

Completed the 'feed pets' challenge then accepted my friends' generous gifts...then took a deep breath and went to the Social page...POOF!  Yes, my game closes every time I look at my social page.  I CAN'T GIFT, and I can't even change my wish list. 

I know am still lucky that my game is many lost all game friends or got booted to level one.   Am not going to bother reporting to BF or EG as they have a lot of reports already,  

Might make a separate post to my game friends; I did change my in-game name to suCntGftGltch, hoping it makes sense.  (susieCan'tGiftGlitch)


Michaela (mtkim)

From: Michaela (mtkim)


Hey Susie, this truly has been a weird year so looking forward to just a little something extra was awesome.  Then people started losing their games.  My game shuts down every time I gift just one person, hopefully they can fix this glitch before players start losing their entire game.  I really hope you don't lose your game.


From: Susanna502MC


It looks like the fancy frames are the "prizes" this time. They are just showing whatever your current chosen avatar.