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Update June 4   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 6/4/19 by Susanna502MC; 6927 views.

From: Darlene2436


Sorry that you are having problems. Mine started yesterday for 5 hours every time I went into the computer it was downloading. I tried one more time and left the downloading up on the computer for an hour and than my games came up. Today I was in the middle of a quest and the download started that was 4 hours ago. I think I'm going to report it to BFG again. This is so frustrating.  They said not to uninstall and reinstall some people lost there game and had to start over.

Crazy how this is happening again! I haven't had it happen to me, but if it does, I'm going to close out of it before it tries to start. 


From: Lindott


Hi Darlene, I left it running for 4½ hours and when I got home it's still running download 0% of 4. Real frustrating. If it don't stop I cannot get into my game, I've email Big Fish. Thanks for the warning, I won't uninstall and reinstall as I've got lots of eggs, coins, other items that I worked very hard for it and I do not want to lose them.

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From: Suenamie5


I didn't get that 4 item download/freeze out until just now.  I have played everyday, but today it did that freeze out thing again.  It makes me wonder if BigFish/Elephant Games are planning to stop supporting this game just like the game Antique Road Trip American Dreamin' astonished.  Seems like it is non stop problems lately!!  Getting very tired of so many problemsunamused.  

Sorry to be grumpy but it's been a lot!  

Hope all my wonderful MC friends here and in my games are having a beautiful weekendheart_eyes,



From: Lindott


Really getting annoying and frustrating now, as it keep happening. Manage to open the game and it manage to complete downloading after 2 days, so I can continue with my game, but the annoying thing is that it kept downloading in the middle of my game, it has happened many times now and there are no updates. I could not get into my games for 2 days now as it will not complete the download. I'll be playing a game and all of a sudden a message pops up saying "Changes are afoot in Midnight Castle and the game must restart" and it starts downloading 4/4 except it don't complete , kept showing 0%/4 and I cannot get into my game. I've even left it running overnight and nothing happens.

It could be a glitch, hope BF will sort it out soon.

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From: Lizzardo123


What makes it worse is all those sayings "can't build a castle in a day" or something like that.....when you're in a situation like that,  it just bugs me.

I talk to my pad saying "you're not building are stuck in the moat!!!"   

I seriously think somedays I am going insane.

Messed up my laptop this weekend on something stupid.   I have to stay away from it because I think i'm making it worse.   Ran out of room on my

c drive (use that for programs and windows) and saw all these files "candycrush"  which I never installed -  started deleting them then think I  messed up

something in my restore point.   MS just gotta put things that take up a ton of space...just in case you want them (no don't just have a url to download

put everything there) and then it gets backed up every time.


Hey happy father's day for all the dads out there ....  be it fuzzy or not children!