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Update June 4   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 6/4/19 by Susanna502MC; 6875 views.
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From: Lizzardo123


What makes it worse is all those sayings "can't build a castle in a day" or something like that.....when you're in a situation like that,  it just bugs me.

I talk to my pad saying "you're not building are stuck in the moat!!!"   

I seriously think somedays I am going insane.

Messed up my laptop this weekend on something stupid.   I have to stay away from it because I think i'm making it worse.   Ran out of room on my

c drive (use that for programs and windows) and saw all these files "candycrush"  which I never installed -  started deleting them then think I  messed up

something in my restore point.   MS just gotta put things that take up a ton of space...just in case you want them (no don't just have a url to download

put everything there) and then it gets backed up every time.


Hey happy father's day for all the dads out there ....  be it fuzzy or not children!