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Re-installing a Feeder Game   Technical Issues

Started Jun-7 by TUGUM; 668 views.



Although I successfully re-installed my MC main game after replacing my C Drive, I lost my feeder game which has, with the exception of myfriends, since been re-installed by BFG.

However, I’ve been unable to create a backup for my feeder game as I’ve been unable to find the associated progress folder.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could confirm or correct me on how I understand the process to work:

  • Regardless of the number of players there is only 1 folder for the shell files i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Midnight Castle
  • There is a progress folder for each player i.e. C:\users\name\AppData\Roaming\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle.
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From: TinyFaerie


You are correct my dear.




VMT for confirming my understanding of the process.

As my main game progress folder wasn't in a hidden folder I doubt that my feeder game would be.  However, just to be sure I've confirmed that hidden folders are shown but I'm still unable to locate it.

Any further advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated as I don't fancy having to resort back to screen prints.



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From: TinyFaerie


Send Dhyaniland a PM she is our resident expert on all things related  to MC backups. :)

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Howdy TUGUM!

There are a coupla ways to find the AppData\Roaming\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle Folders.

1.  What I do is go to PC Settings, search for Folder Options, then check:

Show All Files, Folders and Drives (or words like that, depending on your version of Windows)


Show Hidden Folders (or words like that, depending on your version of Win)

Then click your Start Button, Open your User (at the top of the Start Menu Popup)

AppData should be right there in the lineup.

Open AppData

Open Roaming

You will find the Elephant Games Folder.  This is where your MC Progress 'lives'

Oh and while AppData is open, I make a Shortcut for the Roaming Folder.  Right click on the Roaming Folder and about 2/3 down on the popup menu you will see Send to Desktop (make a Shortcut)

2.  Go to This PC, C:Drive, Users, User Name you want to get into, AppData.

If you are using this 2nd method, you DO have access to whichever User/MC Game  you are trying to back up.  Since I have so many Castles/Users/MC Games going, I don't use this method, because I might forget which one I'm trying to back up/Rename.  

Maybe with only TWO Users/MC Games going you won't run into that confusion.  But if you are backing up more than ONE Castle, the computer will overwrite a previous Folder with the same name.  So I ALWAYS Rename.  Does that make sense?

I just find it easier to backup my 13 Castles ONE AT A TIME, just after exiting that particular Castle, copy/paste the Elephant Games Folder FIRST to my Desktop, Rename the backup of the Elephant Games Folder, like:

Elephant Games Dhyani June 7

Then copy THAT Renamed/Dated Elephant Games Folder to a Flash Drive.

When Restoring your Game yourself, remove the wonky Elephant Games Folder from AppData Roaming.  (I put it in the Trash) 

Copy/paste your good backup of the Elephant Games Folder into AppData\Roaming.

You MUST remember to edit the good backup copy of the Elephant Games Folder to remove any Renaming you did.  The MC Shell will NOT recognize it if it says anything other than Elephant Games. I edit the Elephant Games Folder AFTER I copy/paste it into AppData\Roaming.

Hope that Helps!

XXOO ~ Dhyani




Hi Dhyani,

Vmt for taking the time to respond to my problem which is greatly appreciated

I followed your advice on how to show All Files etc, which confirmed that I had previously succeeded in doing so. However, I was still unable to locate the progress files.

While I was transferring data from my original hard drive today I noticed that there was a new user which I’d not created. While it had the same user name as the one in question it had an extension after the name, & as you’ve probably guest that’s where the file was.

I think that this came about as a result of BFG restoring my game under a new user ID while I still had data from my original game.

Again, vmt for your help,

Tugum xox

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Glad you sorted this out.  Perseverance does pay off!!!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom