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PLAIN STAMPS   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started Jun-8 by Moose (Augustus3468); 2091 views.

Is anyone else doing progress in the game just sitting watching their plain stamps disappear without them replenishing in any sustainable rate?? Just started blazing into the 50s and I am at a halt no thanks to the rounds giving me every other stamp EXCEPT plain stamps!

Hi, I am one of you game friends and will send you a plain stamp in the next gifting period.  

Can I ask, how many stamps do you have in your inventory?  If you are depleting them in order to level up then the game can be very stingy giving what you may need.  Yesterday I offered this advice to another player:

It has been suggested by others that you should work towards having 20 of each stamp in your inventory, then work up to 50.  The game tends to be stingy when you need something.  If you need to use a certain stamp for crafting, then make sure you have more than 20 of those stamps.  Example:  if it something requires 3 white stamps, then make sure you have 23 white stamps so that you don't fall below your 20.

I hope that helps...…………

Keep stormin' the castle...…………..

I'll do exclusively rounds tomorrow. I don't have much of a choice right now, heh.

My white stamps are all gone right now. Unique stamps are my next lowest at 30 or something similar. Then the other two are 150+.

I'm absolutely horrible at stopping myself from scraping by with just enough and that means lots of low items. Perhaps this is my game giving me an intervention to stop and smell the roses before the black plants roll in.

Remember this game is a marathon not a sprint...……………….and do the rounds, do the rounds, do the rounds...……………...


From: Darlene2436


I wish I had away to give you each 50 Plain Stamps I have 6714 yes that number is correct.

Darlene2436 # 761411

If only my plain stamps number could increase like my student debt...


From: CzoeMC


So sorry about your student debt. My daughter has amassed a huge amount to be a certified "Librarian", specializing in archiving, and the debt will probably be there through her entire life. But she believes in what she does, as an archivist of the past, present and future, for teaching.

Maybe institutions of learning will make it somewhat less a money-sucking force, and more an enlightenment.

Meanwhile, just keep collecting the white stamps for a while, and soon they will fall upon you like rain.

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Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


With the insane amount US universities charge their students and the miserable conditions for loans - why are so many still studying in the states instead of abroad? Even considering the cost of living and travel, it is often so much cheaper and a great experience as well.

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From: CzoeMC


Well, yes, she did have the chance to study in London for awhile, and would have loved to travel more, but money was tight.

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From: AEGram


1. Plain stamps is one of the items that the game seems to give you even if you actually run down to zero. 

2. Generally, if you play the HOSs to get the items you need (instead of using pets and puzzles), you will receive sufficient stamps of all types to continue to craft items requested by characters.

3. IF players totally run out of any stamp during the progress of the game, they are most likely not doing rounds to get their items or crafting for profit to try to gain more coin, which uses up precious stamps needed for crafted items requested by characters when leveling up. (For instance, Insomnia Horn requires no coin to craft and can be sold for 1300 coins; however, it requires 20 plain stamps and 6 rare stamps to craft........Bridger of Realms also requires no coin to craft and can be sold for 2000 coin, but requires 10 plain and 6 rare stamps to craft).

If a player is running low on stamps of any type, it is strongly recommended to set aside the leveling up for a couple of days and just doing as many rounds of HOSs as possible. That will add to airship inventory and pet food inventory as well as to the stamp quantity.