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Red friends - are you coming back?   Friends

Started Jun-8 by Minerva (KayteCat); 1121 views.
Minerva (KayteCat)

From: Minerva (KayteCat)


I thought this might be a useful thread, to post a query asking about friends that have the red icon.


People who are taking a break could also post in this one spot to let us know that you’ll be back.


My list of red friends that I haven’t seen green in awhile:


Platform: iOS






Also, while the player who used to go by Bev and is now “It has been fun” is showing as green, I believe they are no longer playing and can be deleted from the friends list, but i’d Love confirmation on that.





Veebee (veebee43)

From: Veebee (veebee43)


Hi KayteCat....I have this problem also...some are red but still have wish list up..14 who were reg.players now also have their list open but are not gifting nor would they open the right spring room but I know they are playing as they’ve moved up in that tells me that they are going into our rooms and collecting inventory but not gifting back..I never kept track before of who gifted but decided after the last event and found out who they now I don’t gift them anymore..I am giving them one more chance but added some new friends in their place...I know what ones are seasonal event players and that’s good..I just have a separate page that I keep track on..

Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


On iOS 

Dmja, Aussie sweet, breeed, Christinej, czarina, imamama, miri70, me no 12, mothermole, never, pat, Rosie,Rowan, suzieq, San, vivy

these all show red for me.  Does anyone know if they are still playing?  Carly

Msg 2271.4 and the next 1 deleted
Veebee (veebee43)

From: Veebee (veebee43)


Platform iOS    I have a Nicole on my list that hasn’t played for over a year or more...she has a bat head fir her avatar...


From: LvlSlgr


Hi everyone ... just a comment ...

KayteCat's idea sounds great but it would only be effective if the player also visits this forum. After BFG shut down their forum there were several forums started for the MC players. This is only one of them. I have 93 friends in MC and only about 25 of them are members of this forum. So don't be surprised if posting your "red" friends here doesn't help.

Good luck with your game!

Minerva (KayteCat)

From: Minerva (KayteCat)


Thanks, Veebee. Yes, I suspect it is the same Nicole.  Thanks for the Useful information re how long ago since they have played, I stopped tracking dates some time ago.

Hi Minerva, I can confirm that Bev is long gone. It’s been over a year since she quit. 

Aussiesweet & imamama are taking an extended break but planning to come back. SusieQ just recently returned - she’s showing green to me. 

It seems every time we get an update, the icons get all messed up again. Long gone players showing green. 


From: susieQball


Hi,  this is susieQ  I play on PC and have never been away from the game since I started over a year ago . I did not think that I should show red indicating  missing.  I am here to stay.