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Thank you Dhyani   Friends

Started Jul-8 by Bemused12; 379 views.

From: Bemused12


Wanted to say a public thank you to Dhyani.

I got a new PC with Windows 10.  She mentioned on previous posts about saving your MC files.  Well worth doing.  She held my hand and I successfully transferred my game from laptop to PC.  Worked like a charm.  Will always save my files from now on.

Getting to grips to Windows 10 is something else.

The only shame is that the previous links to Fraps I used does not work on Windows 10.

In the UK they often say on TV "keep dancing".  Here it should be "keep saving".blush

Happy to help!

So, several days ago Nona posted the following link to FRAPS, I downloaded/installed it (I have Win 10, 1903) and it works just fine:

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

And I sent you a few PMs with questions about the other issues you are having with your new PC.


From: Bemused12


Sorted.  Thank youthumbsup