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You're a 10   Achievements and Musings

Started 7/9/19 by BJApple; 1836 views.

From: butch53


I have been playing for 5 years, and only have 5 achievements remaining.

360 of 500 for 3's a crowd

328 of 500 for five star

157 of 500 for your a 10

1241 of 5000 for Key master

1240 of 3000 for ace assistant

I am starting to use the amulets to get me thru the 10 part quests, we just need to stay focused


From: AEGram


Congrats on completing the 3 DQ achievements.....

Trina will take a long time to you concentrate on her quests, you will soon have few postcards can earn 15 a day by gifting friends. But, her postcard requests ask for 20 at a pop....In my game, she asked for postcards 37% of the time up to the first 1500 quests. After that, she asked for them at 42% of the time.