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Not sure it is an achievement to celebrate but ...   Achievements and Musings

Started 7/13/19 by Theo (TheoMC); 1091 views.
Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


... I just reached the end of current content!! When I think I stayed at level 69 for about a year (or not much less), events definitely help!

So well, I guess it is time to work on DQs achievements. Not sure how to handle Trina, DQs and Side Quests as efficiently as possible, but it's time to think about a strategy!

And a huge colossal gigantic thank you to Elephant Games for keeping on creating such beautiful areas and scenes. Thank you for never disappointing when the game could have gone downhill after so many years! I just cannot imagine how much work it is to have all this running! You guys are so creative! I absolutely love the Bone Kingdom, esp. after the 3rd door gets opened, and just got wowwowwow when I stepped into Sacred Grove. Thank you for keeping us entertained in so many ways! Thank you for all the efforts you put in our game! Thank you thank you thank you! And I might have forgotten to thank you so ... thank you!! heart_eyes

Now ... is it the right time to ask when there will be an update?? winkwink


From: BJApple


I loved your post!!!  It made me smile.  And congratulations are in order.

About the next update.  We never know when a content update will happen.  The Bone Kingdom was released in 3 parts.  I hope there will be one before the fall event.  For the Record, I slow play the updates.  I earn the gold as I go. But if you have resources (inventory) you can finish an update in a very short period of time...some do it in one day.  Just depends on how you want to right or wrong way...all personal preference.

About a strategy for DQ's and Trina.  I didn't develop a strategy until I was done with all of the other achievements.  From my point of view, the most important thing is inventory.  So I would recommend playing the events as much as you can.  You will need event items to ( which can be traded for shards) to satisfy Trina and of course airship parts for the Gnomes. Play the puzzles to increase your inventory of frequently needed items from HOS'S...and do a lot of those as well.  Most of all enjoy the journey.  I tried, mostly successfully, not to get frustrated when the game refused to give me what I wanted or needed.

Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Hi BJ!

Thanks for the congrats grinning

I don't have a real lot of time to play, so both scenes and puzzles are not really an option. I usually try to get from the puzzles the items I used for ZZs (as I seem to get about only cash from HOS these days), the ZZs in the castle area that is. It sometimes takes me days! And when I am happy with what I got, I try to play some scenes. Though my inventory is pretty low, I have quite a lot of airship items, but I know they will disappear in no time, the way shards did thanks to Trina the Ogress. I had a shock when it happened as I didn't expect that! Thank you to my IceBreath swappers who are such a great help!

I thought I would be tempted to turn my back on the game after having reached the "end", but there is still so much to do in there that I don't think this will happen. I am sooooooooooooo far away from the DQs achievements. But I shall take my time, relax and play without stress (... until the next event! grinning)

And only 2'650 more keys to Ace Assistant and 4'649 to Key Master ... peanuts!! joyjoy


From: lilredhood51


I know what you mean about the celebration I just finished the game on my tablet not too long ago and am now working on trying to max out the bone kingdom and the northern islands. I am on the 30's in all of the hos's. I play the once a day or so. eventually I will get them all maxed out then have to set a new goal for myself.

I had a number of them on the pc (laptop) game as I did not max out any of them as I played the game through so I set small goals and got each area maxed out 5 at a time. that game sits neglected now that I don't have content to play.

I still have a long way to go on my desk top game. I play that once in awhile..

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Why do you want to max out? I try to progress as slowly as possible to keep a low cooldown time. As I play DQs and Trina with her 20 ZZs for which I mostly use blue key quests I am always glad when I don't get one hour waits.

I did max out at the start of the game when I was short of coins but with almost a million and lots of food, eggs and craft items I have way more than I need.

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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)



I agree with Nona. For a long long time, I have refused to move onward before I had my latest HOS maxed out.

I now have East (half of it), Bone Kingdom, the new ones in Cloud City and Northern Islands to max out, but I don't mind. As Nona said, I am quite happy when I am being sent to one of those several times in a row for a DQ, and they will be maxed out eventually anyway.

Depending on the DQ (some we know what will come next, some we don't), I first play the Castle as this is where I need to get the most necessary items. Then it depends, but I usually follow the way they got opened (Town, City Cloud, Elvyn Forest, etc.). I know some only play the Castle but I can't, I get bored too soon I guess!

Talking about items, if we follow what seems to be the game rules, i.e. not give what we don't have ... do you think that if I sell all my Harpy Feathers, Blood Rubies, Life Flowers and some others, I shall stop getting them and receive interesting items instead??? Grmbl grmbl grmbl!! triumphwink

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From: lilredhood51


when playing the game at the lower levels I was surprised at how fast the hos's got maxed out. on my desktop I have a number of them maxed out and that is from just playing the game and not doing anything extra. even the ones in town seam to be growing.