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DoNotGiftFeeding   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 7/14/19 by GrannyBee; 1079 views.

From: GrannyBee


Hi, Folks,

I have two friends who have "DoNotGiftFeeding" after their name. Anyone have a clue what this means? I've been holding off gifting them because I interpreted it to mean they didn't want gifts for some reason but both have had it there for quite a while  now. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


My guess.....................They may have one or more games and they're transferring inventory between those games.  I would also hold off on gifting them.

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


That's my understanding as well. And I know whom you mean - I am some gifts in arrears to that player and am waiting to gift back.


From: GrannyBee


Thanks for the responses Tammy & Nona - I'll continue to hold off. :)


From: PenWeb


I am the guilty party.  I have 4 high level "active" games and 1 low level "feeder" game.  I am extremely low on certain items in the active games due to DQs, so instead of taking a Break and doing just rounds,  which means taking down the wish list, I have been doing rounds AND using the feeder game to get those needed items.  

Sorry about any confusion. Please be patient with me, I will be back gifting as soon as I can.

Nell, Nell2, OneCent, GMA 

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Thank you for clarifying this.  I haven't been gifting you and hoping there was an explanation.  Look forward to having you back in the castle. wink

In reply toRe: msg 6

And you have continued to help me and the Consortium by gifting Event items so Thank You. 


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From: Lou4338


Do you mean you are playing five games at once?  That you play one just to transfer items to the other four?  I am at level 64 and just discovered this site and am learning a lot.