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status update?   Technical Issues

Started 7/21/19 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 566 views.

So, what is the latest info? ----

Has the d/l looping been addressed?

As of now, I feel like we are just marking time ---- can't use an amulet because I don't want to see it wasted with the "changes are afoot" message. So that means no DQs so that items are not thrown to waste. It appears we are just stuck while waiting ---- does this mean we wait until an update around Halloween?

Am I wrong? (Don't/wont use Facebook) Is there any info I am not aware of?

i know a lot of players are taking a break during this extremely boring time but wondered if anyone knows anything/



From: AEGram


First, you don't need to have a Facebook account to view and read the Midnight Castle Facebook page.......the last post on that sight was dated May 25. It alerted readers to their knowledge of players experiencing problems getting into the game. Not a good omen that there has been nothing posted at all to that site in nearly 2 months.

Second, no one is ever given any advance warning concerning forthcoming has always been that way; so far that remains unchanged. So none of us know any more than any one else regarding the future of the game.

Third, whether the looping of the download has been fully addressed.......only from what others have posted do we know an answer. I've been away for a few days and only checking Delphi periodically when time permits. I've seen no new posts about players having problems....whether that means all are back in the game or not, I have no idea.

It's always been a long time between the ending of the Spring Event and the beginning of Fall......but, generally there is some content update or a Castle Challenge. The silence from Big Fish/Elephant Games is very disconcerting.

In reply toRe: msg 2

Oh, I know we are never given any indications about an update ---- I was just thinking that BF or EG might say something about the d/l looping ---- but the fact that they have not speaks volumes.

Personally, I have not seen the loop for a while (knock wood), but I just don't want to use an amulet without knowing that it's use won't be interrupted. Or start a 10 part DQ. But I have been able to gift without problems, play a few puzzles and HOS. 

As to FB ---- to me. it is a dangerous place to go (for a host of reasons) ---- so I don't.

And I really can't imagine that a FE will be anything new or different ---- just a repeat of what has been done before ---- but if they should end it, I wish they would give us an ending with the ability to play again.

But since when does BF (and I believe the decision is theirs) give a whit about what the players/customers want?

It's really not looking very positive, is it?