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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 37513 views.
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Professor Pinfeathers said that it is a wonderful day! We've almost finished repairing the Heart. As I place the last item into the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, it became apparent that something was still wrong. The Professor was very disappointed when he said that apparently the machine is in worse shape than he expected. We need parts to restore the Machine of Wishes - the energy storage. He told me that the Pirate may know where to find the Hardened Chain. 

I sadly walked off to a corner of the castle and sat down to cry. Now I can't wish for my Mom to come home. After a few moments of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that what I should be doing is find the parts needed to repair the Machine of Wishes. So off I went to see the Pirate, hoping that he can help me find what is needed. But knowing the Pirate, I knew that I would be doing several errands for him first. That's okay, I thought. Helping him, will help me too. 

When I approached Skull Pete, he said that he doesn't know anything about any Hardened Chain. He can only think about repairing his ship now. He asked me to find the Silent Judge in the Shining Split, and wants me to examine the Antique Shop, just in case other items he needed were there. He said that if I brought these things to him, he would take a look. He is still not sober, he told me. When I returned, he was happy with the items. He called me his friend and said that I always help him out of a tight spot. 

Finally, he said to me, we are finally done with the most important part of the ship. He stated that there must be a Lunar Eclipse in the Pirate Ship and an item he needs in the Skulls. He needs me to come back soon, because the repairs can't wait. When I returned with his items, I heard him hollering a mile away. I guess he was trying not to use any bad words because I heard him saying something like "thunderation and an Iron Maiden". Then he told me that the wheel had broken again. He needed me to hurry and find the Ring of Bloody Eyes, and to check the Crocodile Bush for the Silver Embrace. He said there was no time to spare, and that he hoped his patch will survive at least one sail. As I returned with the items he wanted, he told me that he searched his ship from top to bottom, and he had found my Hardened Chain. But he needs something in return, the Mask of Virtue and the Forged Key to go with it. He has a lot of things to do, he told me, so I had best hurry!

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So hurry I did, and returned quickly with his requested items. He did not think that I could work so fast! He told me that the repairs are going well, and he feels that he can give out the Hardened Chain, but firstly he wants me to find the Blood Greed in the Mosaic Panel and to bring him the Shackles of Chaos. After I returned, he told me that I would make a good sailor! He gave me the Hardened Chain and told me that I deserved it! Thank you Skull Pete, I told him. 

After I put the Hardened Chain on the Machine of Wishes, the professor told me that Henry the Archaeologist could find the Adamant Ring for the Machine.  

Henry stated that the circumstances of my uncle's death are still unclear. He wants to get to the bottom of the case. He needs the Volume of Fury from the Armored Bear and he needs the Seal of Dawn even more! When I gave him the book and seal, he told me that the facts are clear, despite his lack of detective skills. He is still investigating my uncle's death and it calls for some odd items. He needs the Regal Wreath, and he can't do without the Sun Amber. When I returned with the items, he was happy and surprised that I found them. Now he can keep working, the investigation continues. He believes that I can be of help to him, by bringing him the Sign of Mercy from the Book of Evil. And he wants me to look into the Binding Egg. There might be something there. He asked me if I wouldn't hurry and I told him that I would. He doesn't want to troll around here. When I came back he thanked me and told me that his focus isn't what it used to be before he became a troll. He then told me that my uncle's body had never been found and he found that interesting. He then asked me to go to the Castle Entry, as the Obsidian Whirlwind should be there and he needs the Demon's Eye right now! He said that it is important that I hurry. He hopes that these items will clear things up.

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Sadie (Sadie700)

From: Sadie (Sadie700)


I have had it with this worthless game.  There will be no continuation of any stories due to the fact that you can not get any inventory from the HOS anywhere!  If I had to rate this game, it would get a one, (only because there is no zero) and an "I do not recommend this game at my current level".  I do not understand why some people I know think that this game is fine like it is.  Yet they have Ice Breath's on their list along with the impossible to get inventory items.  I do not need more darn shards!  I already have the shard achievement, and I don't need the paltry coins.  At my level, I needed inventory items.  

I am going to spend out my coins, paltry inventory, airship items and diamonds and then I am through.  I have put up with this nonsense of getting shards from every HOS in the game, and I have had it!  I will have no lists, and will gift out when and where I can.  I cannot in good conscience write a story based on a game I have begun to hate.

I know that my response will tick off some of you who are still leveling up.  In that case, I hope you get the inventory you need to level up.  But I will be gone soon.

Had it with shards and coins from HOS's

Sadie and Maya

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Geez Sadie, I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way, although I understand and have often given the same thoughts of quitting myself. Who knows, I may yet!  Getting inventory items is a challenge more often than not. Obviously, communicating with BF didn't get you anywhere either. As I'd told you, I wrote to BF myself awhile back, asking if anything could be changed in the drop rate of inventory. All you get is - I'll pass the message on.

I think before I go any further in acquiring the Magic Miser Achievement, I may pull the IB from my wish list. In fact, I may pull it when the WE/XE begins. I've gifted many IB's but because the other player has so many friends in their game, returning the IB takes weeks - if ever.  I understand your frustration, and I'm sure there's no changing of your mind, so hopefully we can still communicate outside the game. Take care my dear friend!

Shylo aka Carol

Dudette (Dudette1st)

From: Dudette (Dudette1st)


WOW! I'm curious about what level you are on. I am assuming it is high. Does this mean that the higher you get, the less you get inventory items during rounds? It has certainly been a difficult game for me to play as I bore easily and have had to strictly apply myself to continue on. I must say without any event since last spring has had me consider signing out. I spend way too much time playing for hours only to earn 100 coins here and there.  I imagine the devs do this in hopes of prompting sales. However, by not adding anything new to the game, or providing an opportunity for the hangeron'ers to earn anything for the exorbitant amount of time spent playing, seems to be a push toward quitting for those who can only stand so much redundancy. So I can relate to the frustration. It must be about money.

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Hi Dudette,

Firstly, let me assure you that being at a higher level doesn't have anything to do with how you obtain the inventory items. They fall when and wherever they may, and I've come to the clear decision that it's where the planets align for the day is when I get an item/items for that day. LOL  I've played faster in selecting items (I have a touch screen), and I've slowed down and took my time using my mouse. Either way can result in items obtained as it really matters not. 

I am at level 102, and dedication is the key attribute needed to continue with the game. The one thing you cannot do in this game, is to purchase inventory items. Wish there was a way. However, they are your reward for playing the game or swapping with a friend in the game. 

Whatever the developers motives are, it's up to the individual player on how they'll play the game and how much time will be devoted to that particular game. 

Good luck!