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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 33817 views.
In reply toRe: msg 74

When I went back to Professor Pinfeathers, he told me that I needed to find the next 3 parts of the Charm of Blossoms as it will bring us closer to our goal. Then he told me that the dragon did not tell me everything. The professor said that the dragon knows where to look for the Big Feather. 

I went back to the dragon, wishing I could give him a piece of my mind, but knowing that it would not be a good idea. Then he spoiled my bad mood by telling me that I have earned his gratitude. He told me that my uncle also searched for the Mystery Chamber and things did not turn out too well for him. He wants to see what becomes of me. I had to make 4 trips to the Book of Evil to craft the Bracelet of Seeing for him. It took almost all of the items I had saved up in my keepsake chest.  

He spoke about how many have tried to find the Mystery Chamber, and asked me what I would wish for if I found it. Then I told him about my Mom and the accident that has her in the hospital in a coma. He did not say anything about that but he told me to remember to make the right wish. The experiences of the previous adventurers will guide you. Then he got weird again, talking about feeling doubtful about me and is it planetary alignment or just indigestion from breakfast. Boy that dragon can change subjects quickly and go from speaking normally to being a little weird. Then he got back to the subject at hand, the Mystery Chamber. Over the years he has witnessed many seekers of the Mystery Chamber. Some were lovely people he told me. What he said next made my eyes bug out and a chill go up my spine. He said, "Pity I had to kill them." Oh my gosh, did he kill all of them or just some of them. Just because he has breathed a little fire here and there doesn't mean I'm next, does it? Apparently, Valeria made a crazy wish and he hopes I won't make the same mistake. I deserve his trust, he told me, unlike Valeria. He liked her and "lit up his life" but after talking to him for a while, he told me that he could see that I was not greedy and that my thoughts are heavenly. Stay alert, he said to me, and not only with him.

In reply toRe: msg 75

The dragon said that we needed each other. He respects obedience and humility, even though he has none himself. He said that one lunatic can destroy an empire. "I am here to prevent bad people from entering the Mystery Chamber." he said. "Here is some wisdom for you, don't cherish illusions, as everything may change". 

Sometimes the dragon wonders how wise and powerful he is. All he knows is that he can hide the Mystery Chamber, and that is enough. He told me that life is like a comet. Some are a flash of history and other are burned to ash by his flames like Valeria Steiner was. He then asked me which comet will I become? He knows the mysteries of this castle and all the victims. Then he told me that yes, my uncle was a victim.  

After getting his items he needed, and talking more about the wrong choices some people make he told me that my reward is earned and that I should manage it properly. My reward will be well deserved he told me and then gave me the Big Feather for the Charm of Blossoms.

In reply toRe: msg 76

Now the professor wants me to complete the tasks of Anabel in order to receive the Cut Ruby Eye. So I headed for Anabel. Sometimes I feel like I am just a gofer. But most of the time I like spending time with the different residents of the castle. Some of them are arrogant and some are nice, but I always seem to get more information about the Midnight Castle and of some of those who have been here. I just wish that someone would give me more information about the uncle that left the Midnight Castle to me. 

Apparently Anabel is conducting some kind of investigation and needs my help with that. Of course, my help generally means to go find an item or two or more. Anabel wants to know what happened to her father. I can't say that I blame her, I would want to know if I was in her place. The only thing that she had found out so far, was that her father's name was Henry. She also told me that she has always been suspicious of Lord Chamberlain and apparently she is not the only one, because he is known for his dark ways. It is no secret that the Chamberlain abuses his power. She needs to bring this to light, but opposing him won't be easy. I can definitely agree with that. I would not trust him any farther than I could throw him, and as a little 7 year old, I would not be able to throw him very far. 

Then she sent me to find the items that might help her get more information about her father. When I returned, she exclaimed that her father is alive and living nearby. And now she is hearing a rumor that her father is a troll. "So I'm the daughter of the troll from the ice cave?" she exclaimed. She doesn't understand how she can be a troll's daughter, but she's a vampire? Somehow, the two things don't seem to match up. But I have my own ideas about who her father might be, but I don't dare say anything in case I'm wrong. I don't want her to get her hopes up, only to be dashed if I am wrong. I need to look for those notes that I had been finding all around and try to figure out who wrote them and who they are referring to.

In reply toRe: msg 77

Poor Anabel. All this stress about being a troll's daughter has made her thirsty again. Since I would rather not be the drink of choice, I found the Mandrake Root and Glinting Earring that will help her tamp down her thirst. She heard that I was looking for the Cut Ruby Eye for the Rainbow Charm. She thought she might know someone that could help with getting that for me.

After doing my chores for her, finding one item after another, I brought them all back to her. When I got back to her, she told me that she had just found out something shocking but can't discuss it yet. So she gave me the Cut Ruby Eye that someone had found for her. 

I got back to the living room, as we call it, and found that Dad had brought home a puppy for Marty. He was a cute little thing with big floppy ears, and apparently fell in love with Marty just as Marty fell in love with him. As he was still a puppy, Marty had some training to do with him. I was glad that Marty now had something to occupy his time and mind with. He had been obsessing on the fact that Mom is still in the hospital, and is not yet showing many signs of improvement. Marty is so sure that Mom is going to die. I know she won't, but I can't tell him about the Mystery Chamber that will grant my wish. I have been too busy with my castle residents and their tasks, but poor Marty did not have any of that. He was helping Dad with some of the repairs, but there were many of them that he could not do on his own, without Dad being there. I know he will find a name for that puppy that will be the right fit for him. Sometimes you just have to let them show you their personality. I know he likes to play with my little black kitten, Destiny. It is good that they will get along. But I wonder how he will do with a dragon?

In reply toRe: msg 78

This morning Professor Pinfeathers confessed that Lord Chamberlain was hiding information about the Lily Tail. I have to go to him and convince him to let me have the Lily Tail for the Rainbow Charm. 

When I went to Lord Chamberlain, he was his usual haughty self. "Serve me well and you'll learn the secret of your uncle's murder." he said to me. He said that he might even reveal who is responsible for my uncle's death. So I find his items for him, then it is not enough, I must get more for him. No, he can't tell me right now, maybe after I bring more items, then more items, then more. He kept teasing me with the information but only after getting more than the usual amount of items. He thinks that I will be very surprised to know the answer, and he hopes that it won't put me in danger. So far, the only danger I have seen in the Midnight Castle is Lord Chamberlain himself. But of course, I can't say that to him. 

Then, finally, he gives me the Lily Tail and said to me, "Now about your uncle's murder. It was me, of course. Why, you ask? I'll tell you soon." Then he left, leaving me stunned that he would so matter of factly tell me that he murdered my uncle. It was as though he was telling me that there was a bulb burned out in the kitchen. How could he be so calm and cool about it? 

This had me so upset that my little black kitten, Destiny and I went up to the Belfry to see how Bert and Ernie were doing. Thankfully, all of the castle animals are also under the spell of the Midnight Castle, and Bat, Bird, Cat, Dog and Dragon all get along well together. I have even seen a time when Bertram the Bat was out too late in the morning and needed help to get back to the Belfry, and Destiny gave him a ride on her back, so that he could get back to his nest to sleep. It's crazy, but it is really neat to see happen.

In reply toRe: msg 79

Professor Pinfeathers had discovered something. He said the we will need the full support of the castle nobles. He told me that I must inform them. Then he asked me to help Henry if I could, and that he has a good soul. 

When I found Henry the Archaeologist, he was trying to understand all that he has missed while being a troll. It is especially hard for him to understand that his little girl, Anabel, is grown up and so beautiful now. He thanked me for being so helpful in finding some of the lost items he needed. He said that he always knows he can rely on me to help him.  

He asked me if I knew anything about his daughter's admirer, and I told him about the knight, but I left out the part about him turning into a wolf. Poor Henry, his daughter may be a vampire but he still feels that he is her father, and worries about her. After finding a few more items for him, he was satisfied for now, and asked me to come back later. 

I went to my room and found some of the papers that I had been finding in some of the rooms around the Midnight Castle. The first one I found had been in the Tavern that we stayed in until Dad could make the castle livable. The paper talked about an expedition that was camped out in an old abandoned inn, not far from the main road. That must have been the same Inn that we were staying in. The note went on to say that their opponents, Jeronimo Took and Valeria, were only three or four months behind them in their investigation. It was dated February 1985. I don't know who wrote the note or who else was with the writer, maybe some of the other notes will give me some clues. But the name Jeronimo Took and Valeria were names that I was familiar with. I wonder if this Jeronimo Took is related to Old Salty Took? And the name Valeria is familiar from Valeria Steiner. I wonder if they are the same person? Maybe Jeronimo is Saltys real name, after all if he and Valeria Steiner were together in death, maybe they were in real life too way back then. I will have to find more pages to try to put some of this together. But I still have no clue as to who the writer of the note was. 

In reply toRe: msg 80

When I got back to Henry, he said that he didn't know if anyone told me, but he thinks my uncle was murdered by the Chamberlain. I then told him about the weird conversation with Lord Chamberlain, and how he had told me that he had indeed murdered my uncle. Henry nodded and told me he was sorry that my uncle had been murdered. 

Henry found out that there had been a strange ritual nearby and asked me if I could collect what is left. After bringing those items to him, he studied them and noticed the initials of Anabel's admirer. As her father, Henry did not like that, and decided that he would need some protection. He had me collect some items for him, among them was the Thunder Blast. By the time I got back with everything he found some information that made him feel better about the admirer, but still doesn't like it. 

He wants to understand his daughter, and told me that my help to him is so valuable that he would never eat me. When I reminded him that he is no longer a troll, he looked a little embarrassed. So he changed the subject by telling me that he wants to give his daughter a gift, but doesn't know how one would shop for a vampire. He said that he has the teddy bear, which I assumed was one from her childhood. Now he needs the rest. He wants this to be a surprise and can't wait to see her pale face. I collected the items that he thought would be the best gifts for Anabel and hoped that it would be a happy reunion.

In reply toRe: msg 81

Professor Pinfeathers thinks that the knight will gain significance soon, and would like me to help him. 

The Iron Knight (still as a werewolf) is dreaming of the day that Anabel will be his, and he is giving her gifts. Or he will be, as soon as I find them for him. He also has expressed a desire to find his real father, and wants my help with that also. So off I go to find gifts for Anabel and items that can be used to help him find his father. When I returned he told me I was "quick as a rabbit". But the truth really is that I have learned where to find a lot of the things he was asking for and was able to get many of them in one trip. But, of course, I did not tell him that. 

Then the knight said that the word around the castle is that my uncle was murdered and that the Chamberlain did it. I told him about my conversation with Lord Chamberlain, who did indeed admit that he murdered my uncle. 

Apparently, Anabel has hinted that she wanted a particular gift that has two parts. One part was the Shield of Order and the 2nd part was the Symbol of Love. He thinks that he is ready to go to Anabel and wonders what her reaction will be. He also told me that he is getting close to finding his father but needs the Insight Ring to speed up the search. While he was going to Anabel, I got the Insight Ring for him.

In reply toRe: msg 82

Good news, Professor Pinfeathers told me, we have full support. Great new discoveries and adventures await me according to the professor. I truly believe that too. I have found the magic of the Midnight Castle to be one giant adventure. Now the professor tells me that the Keeper of the castle should have another piece of the amulet. I should talk to him and ask him if he can help me.  

The big statue that had been locked up with heavy chains and a huge lock that took eight keys to open it was the Keeper of the Castle. He told me that he kept the peace around the castle. He wasn't very talkative and gave me the Chained Ball for the amulet after doing just one favor for him. 

The professor now tells me that Henry sent word that the 2 parts of the amulet can be found at the Innkeepers, and in the knights belongings. So, since he was the closest, I headed for the knight. 

The Iron Knight (still as a werewolf) does indeed have the Gloomy Crescent that I am looking for. But he also needs it to find his father. Perhaps if I help him, he can help me too. He told me that he will need to pay someone for information. So I headed off to find items that he could use for payment. When I returned, he thought the items were perfect, and that I was a great friend. And since he felt that I deserved to have the Gloomy Crescent for the amulet, he gave it to me.

In reply toRe: msg 83

I went to old Salty the Innkeeper to ask him for the Bright Sun for the amulet. He said that it sounded like it was an urgent order and said we should get started. After getting some items for him very quickly, he told me that I make it look easy. First the Curved Beam and now the Bright Sun. Then he asked me to do a couple of favors for him, by saying that since I was on a roll why don't I take care of the Midnight Rose, and while you're at it, that nasty monkey stole the Regal Wreath and he needs it back. Getting that Wreath back from that monkey was no easy task. He likes to keep what he  

When I brought Salty his items, he told me that he had found the Bright Sun, offered by one of the guests. Of course, the guest will need something in return, which I have learned from previous tasks around the castle. Salty suggested that this guest would be happy with a Demons Eye and the Lucky Clover from the Dungeon of the cursed. He will keep the guest entertained while I retrieve the goods. After Salty gave the guest the items, he gave the Bright Sun to Salty, who then turned it over to me. 

I am excited. The amulet is nearly finished. I am so close to being able to wish for health for my mom, so that she can return home. The professor is also excited. He also said that the amulet is almost ready. There's just a little bit more to do. Something tells him that the Dragon and the Chamberlain know the whereabouts of the missing pieces of the amulet. 

When I went to the Wise Dragon to ask him about the missing parts, he told me that, sure, he could just hand me the Bird Skull, but would that really be wise? He wanted me to craft the Blood Thirsty Idol. He said that it was awful, but useful. The Fine Buckle is the next item on his list. After crafting these items for him, he surprised me by giving me the Bird Skull and said "Till we meet again". 

The next task is the least liked. I will need to go to the Chamberlain and ask him about the final part, the Green Stone.