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German player needs help - MC Update   Technical Issues

Started 8/9/19 by Rockabella; 3103 views.

From: Rockabella


Hello @all, 

it`s 9:30 PM in germany and since 11:45 AM I don`t have a chance to log in in MC. 

Since nearly 1 week it`s the same problem every day. I can play for 3-4 hours in the morning and then a message pops up, saying something with "changes are a foot in Mc" and I have to klick on ok for a download. 

But then nothing happens the start screen shows "Download 0 of 1" 

I waited nearly 20 minutes with no result. 

In a german Forum someones got a message from BigFish to delete the folders from Elephant games in the AppData/Roaming folder and restart the game. But this didn`t work. 

I am not the only german player who has this problem. We wrote several mail to bigfish and all got the same answer with AppData/Roaming but it doesn`t works! 

We also wrote to Elephant Games but none of us got an answer. 

Does any of you non german or european players have this issues? 

We really need help because we can`t play anymore. We are losing 8-9 hours of gaming time every day. No chance to play the challenges. 

Kind regards,


(please excuse my awful english I´m a little bit out of practice) 

Hi Rockabella,

I had the same problem at one stage, but I play on iOS. When the download would not continue, I completely logged out of MC and closed the app, then went back in about 2 minutes later, and the download worked. I don’t know if this will work on pc, or if you have already tried this, but it might be worth a try. 

Good luck 

April : ) 


From: Rockabella


Hello April, 

thank you for your answer.

I only play on PC and the problem is that I can`t log out! I got the message to restart and have to click on ok. Then the download appears and I can do absolutely nothing. The only way to close MC is using the task manager. 


Maybe you could try rebooting your computer. You should be able to do this by holding the “alt” “control” and “delete” keys down on your keyboard at the same time. 

Thats about the extent of my tech knowledge I’m afraid, but we have some great people on here that might be able to offer some help when they come on line. 


From: AEGram


Rockabella......something to try that may help.

There's a junk file where apps put stuff when they're opening. Supposedly, the newer files are not impacted by the older files, but sometimes an older file will not allow the newer file to do what it should for the app.

The folder is hidden, so first you must go to Control Panel ... (In category view), click on "Appearance and Personalization" ..... then under File Explorer Options, click on Show hidden files and folders.

In the pop-up window, select the "view" tab......about half way down the window for Advanced settings, select the radio button under Hidden files and folders that says "Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Click "ok" to close the window.

Open File Explorer ......choose OS (C:) .....then select the Users the folder that corresponds to the name you use to log onto the computer.

Find the AppData folder (it will be toward the bottom) ......then inside that folder, select the Local folder...then select the Temp folder <----this is the folder you are looking for..... once again, the path to it's location is: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Temp

Open this folder and you will probably see a ton of "stuff" ....this will include folders at the top and files at the bottom. EVERYTHING inside this folder is junk.......highlight it all and delete it.....then go to your Recycle Bin and empty it (because items left in the Recycle Bin are held on your desktop using your random access need to keep it freed up so your programs will have more available).

While it is not necessary, I would recommend you also just reboot your computer just so any errant processes can also be stopped.

Once the PC is back up.....log into MC and see if you notice a difference.

Please post back to let us know if this works for, you will probably have the added benefit of your PC actually performing better.

(This folder should be navigated to and cleaned out on a regular basis....but DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDER ITSELF.....just the contents.)

CC to Rockabella
In reply toRe: msg 5

From: Rockabella


Hello AEGram, 

thank you so much for your help.

I made this once before because it was anothter tip that the BigFish support gave to us. But even this didn`t worked. 

But I tried it again. Unfortunately without success. 

I really appriciate your help. I wrote a mail to elephant-games and still wait for an answer. 

It`s really strange that I can play in the morning for 3-4 hours and always between 11 and 11:45 AM the message pops up and that`s it till the next morning. 


From: AEGram


Hmmmm, the message ALWAYS popping up at the same time tells me it's a problem with the particular server to which you're connected. 

Maybe going to some public free wifi location and logging into the game close to the time the pop up usually presents would cause you to be connected to a different server.

What about making sure you are not connected to the game during that time? .............Play in the morning.....then stay out of the game until late afternoon or early evening.

In reply toRe: msg 7

From: Rockabella


Hello AEGram, 

I tried this on wednesday. I didn`t played at this time and waited till the afternoon. But when I tried to log in, the same start screen with the download appeared.

I´m only playing on PC and in the cyber cafe near me it is not allowed to install games.


From: AEGram

8/10/19 your PC a desktop? ...... If so, it is decidedly less mobile than would be a laptop. 

If a laptop, perhaps you have a friend's house who doesn't play MC where you could go.......


From: Rockabella


It`s a desktop 

Tried again to log in MC ... no chance..