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Need friends to progress in game   Friends

Started 8/10/19 by moonflower61; 2559 views.

From: moonflower61


Hi there, I have been playing for some time and it seems to me that the game is kinda rigged that it keeps wanting lower inventory items that I don’t have,I have found that in order to complete any of the storyline It takes me weeks on end just to collect items needed to advance, and I completely forget the storyline. These are low value items.... so I don’t get it. Which is why I think it’s rigged. So I would like if anyone can help me because I’m getting frustrated with this game as it’s not fun anymore. My wish list is simple and have many gifts to give in return. My id number is i2703997 Thank you if you can help my frustration end LOL

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From: moonflower61


Oh sorry I am on IOS

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


I am on PC so can't befriend you.

I just want to say that all items needed for the story quest will be provided by the game if you accept a quest given by Prof Pinfeathers or one of the characters he send you to. If you don't get the item immediately from an HOS then only because yo have two quests open which demand different items from the same HOS. You won't get anything you don't need.

Items for the main story are also on offer in the tavern at the dice table.

It is different though with daily quests. Once you accept them the find button will send you to the right HOS and give you the item but you can't get it through dice. The DQs will often ask for lower inventory items, especially the original ones and those that aren't randomised.

But you don't have to accept the DQs if you want to make some progress on the main story and you feel they interfere.


From: Susanna502MC


Dear Moonflower -

I am not one of the experts, but I will try to help.  (The experts may check in later to correct or add to anything I say.) Some of this may seem pretty elementary, but I I don't know how to explain any other way.

When a quest asks for a specific item and you have that item in inventory there will be a checkmark. If you don't have the item in inventory you can click on "Go to" and the game will take you to the appropriate location. If the location is a hidden object scene you should receive the item you need when you finish. If the location is a Zoom Zone or the Lab anything that is not in your inventory will have a Find button which will take you to the appropriate location.

This is where it gets tricky. The game recognizes which items are needed for the quests you have accepted. If you want something that is not needed for a current quest then you may get something else or coins or shards. If you have more than one quest open sometimes both will require an item from the same location. You can't control which quest the game will fulfill. This is one of the reasons why opening multiple quests can be confusing.

Doing the rounds is helpful in building your inventory of coins, shards, pet food, stamps, and airship items. Some people use their Wish List to build up inventory of the common items (Torch, Key, Rune Stone, etc.)

I hope this makes sense. It took me a long time before I learned to just trust the game. It really will give you what you need.

I am on Android and PC, so I can't send you an invitation.

Hi moonflower,

I am on a lower level than you, but I have tons of coins and i am very happy to buy gifts for friends, infact I prefer it. I have sent you a friend request. 

I don’t always have a wish list up, so if I gift you when my list is down, please don’t feel the need to play catch up. 

Cheers, April 


From: attie1234


Hi Moonflower,  I have sent invites from both my games (Benit & Attie). I ask that you just enjoy the gifts I send and do not feel you have to repay especially my Benit game which I am to the point where I help lower level players, Ice Breaths friends and the consortium on.

The best advice I can give is to get 20 or more of stamps and airship items and then try to never go below that amount. Also, if you have not found the puzzles they are a great way to get diamonds. 

There is the new anniversary room that has a HOS that if you max it out you will receive 250 coins. Try to get a lot of friends (even just Special Events friends) and play yours and their room each day. This is the best time to stock up on coins, airship items and other items that each room gives. 

Good Luck and more importantly, enjoy this wonderful game! dancer Attie

edited to add: Is your game name Red Rider? 

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From: AEGram


Just tossing in my 2¢ worth.........first of all Susanna502MC has given some excellent advice and explained it beautifully.

Throughout the game, you will be sent to the same location over, and over, and over, and over. 

When you encounter a new quest from Prof Pinfeathers .... only open the first character and follow that set of tasks until the end....and then open the next character. If you've also accepted the Daily Quest, you may get an item associated with that instead of your character quest. So, if you just want to concentrate on leveling up, I recommend not accepting the DQ. However, if you want to work on DQs in the lower levels, that's fine as long as you understand that they sometimes conflict with the character quests. 

Once you have followed the character quests as far as you can go (because the next place you need to go is in cooldown mode).....then go into EVERY OTHER AVAILABLE HOS (this is called "doing the rounds") .....Going into the other HOSs will help you build inventory, coins, stamps, and pet food that will help you advance in the game.

As has been stated.....the availability of the HOS in the Anniversary Room can be very helpful since once that HOS is maxed out, you get 250 coins per visit instead of the 50 coins you get from regular HOSs.

Sometimes, you also just need to set aside the character quests and just do the rounds through every open room to build inventory, coins, etc. (When I first started, I could go through the rooms available in about 30 minutes.....that left 30 minutes until I could start the next round.....I set a timer and used the "free time" to put in a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, clean a bathroom, etc. When the timer went off, I did my round....and reset the timer so I could work on something else...even reading a good book. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish around the house!)

Regardless of how long you play (if you want to finish all the achievements), you will ALWAYS have a need for Torch, Rune Stone, Forged Key, Shard of Soul, Winged Amulet, and many of the other items used to open Castle ZZs. The game isn't particularly "rigged" for lower level's just how the game was developed.

There are many character quests in the 40's and 50's that will require you craft the same item 3x. My personal opinion is this is the Devs way of helping force you to do rounds. 

This is a game of patience.......(to get patience, you must be tried and the trials are usually not fun to endure) .... there's no reason to hurry to the end because once you get sit and wait for 3-4 months for the next chunk to be delivered that will advance you about a level and a half....then you wait again. 


From: KatieAn56


Hi your player name Red Rider?


From: moonflower61


Yes, my player name is red rider. 


From: moonflower61


Okay, I will take your suggestion. I had all character quests open at one time and that caused me to blow through 54 plain stamps in 10 minutes crafting. And yes going through HOS takes a lot of patience which I lack. LOL. Thanks for the tips.