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Food Drops   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 8/10/19 by Katijay (Katijay46); 914 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


Has anyone else noticed the lack of food dropping with the HOS?....I did 60 HOS in the Anniversary Room and only got 8 bags of food...I did 18 HOS in the Castle and got 4 bags of food...I have been trying to build up my supplies for the CC feedings and it is just not happening very fast... 


From: AEGram


Hmmmm.... I haven't been paying attention to food/stamps coming from HOS completion.....

I'll try to watch to see if food seems scarce.

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Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


I mostly noticed this with my level 31 game because of the fewer options with gold chest...My 93 game has plenty of food, but I will have to watch that one too....

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Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


Just did 2 rounds of 18 Castle HOS each round only produced 2 bags each, no Unique Food and 2 Rare and 1 each of Special and Simple....this was my level 31 game...


From: MeekMonkey


I have noticed that since the last event finished, I am also having trouble with plan stamps