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"Please Wait" freeze   Technical Issues

Started Aug-13 by THEdella; 1636 views.

From: THEdella


Is anyone else getting this message of "Please Wait" and then the game freezes?  I've been getting it a lot, usually when checking mail, in private rooms, etc.   I usually have to restart my computer to get out of the game when this happens, cuz I can't just "quit" the game cuz it's hung up.  It's been happening a lot since the Anniversary Event started.

Also, I've lost some friends.  Some show up in my "Invited" list, though they were never deleted.  One goes by game name of Liblo.  I have noticed that that name is blurred in with another player in the Private room.  If that makes sense.  It's like one name is overwritten by another name in the same space.  Should I send EG a tech msg?

Any suggestions are welcome.  I go by Della in the game, and I play on a PC

Yes, I have been having this issue for awhile.  Just the other night it happened 4 times in a 1/2 hour, very frustrating.  

Their is another discussion regarding this in the Technical Issues folder titled "Please Wait Freeze".

I have had several friends just disappear from my game during this event, but they have all returned in one form or another.  

I haven't had friends just show up in the invited list unless they have a new id and are reinviting me to their new game.

The blurred name is a new one for me, never heard of that happening before.

Someone else may come along with better answers for you...….


From: THEdella


Thnx, so glad I'm not the only one that this is happening to.

You're welcome, has happened twice already since I logged into the game 2 hours ago...…………...


From: volzi


I have been having this happen for months.  It happens nearly every time when I try to remove an item from my gift list.

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I have found that if I want to delete an item from my wish list, I delete the item, then exit, then go back in an add the new item to my wish list.  I have found that if try to delete an item and then add a new one right away it will freeze up.

Yep, add my name to that list.  Been happening in the Private Rooms a lot!  Fortunately, I play the game in windowed mode, so I just close using Task Manager.  Then just reopen game.  So far, everything remains as I left it.  But this game is really getting glitchy.

volzi, Tamm27 is absolutely spot on about the wishlist.  If you click the "x" to remove an item from your wishlist and the item stays, go back to the main screen and enter the Friends area again.  You'll see that item disappear and you can continue.  This has happened to me on the whole row of wishlist items.  And it's been an issue for several years.  


From: LibLo


Hi Della,

I was in the players rooms too and got the "wait" notice and when I did control-alt-delete my gme started back at the beginning.  I still had my friends names & numbers but that was all.  People are saying they lost everyone, but I don't know why I still have them. Please everyone-no gifts as I can't gift back.  I don't know what to do now as I'm a pretty non computer person-sigh.  I don't know why my name was mixed up.


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Have gotten "Please wait.." 3 times since the start of the new day (36 minutes ago)

4 times (50 min ago)

5 times (66 min ago)

6 times (3 hrs 9 min ago)

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It's a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just finished playing all my friends rooms and not one "Please wait"...…………..Yippeeeeeeee!