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Friends of Meek again. on PC   Technical Issues

Started Aug-14 by MeekMonkey; 1815 views.
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From: MeekMonkey



I have done my uninstall and reinstall. I didn't loose friends.

I have noticed that I can still play Meek room from a different player anyone else noticed this?

I have already heard from Elephant Games, They have asked for a list. I have sent them a list but I have no idea what seasonal items I should ask for I am going to got through my game and write down what I need. any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you all.

Your game shows at Level 6 in my game (with your message about game crash), however I can still access your private room.

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Oh dear, not again !!! ~ the next time you are able to get into your fully restored game, please try to back up your game right away after you Exit.

I make backups of ALL my 13 Castles at least once/week, and during Events & CC's (even if I'm only going in to Gift occasionally) I back them all up every other day. There's a lot of demand on the EG Server(s) during Events & CC's, so I'm not surprised the data gets corrupted.

I don't always copy my backups to a Flash Drive, but I make a Folder on my Desktops (for each User/Castle) to house my Elephant Games folder backups. 

Takes about 1 minute or less for each Castle.

Restoring my Castles myself has worked every single time, and they've ALL be Reset to scratch or a slightly higher, but low Level  (with their same Game ID's several times over the years)

Fingers, legs and eyes crossed, Meek!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: MeekMonkey


Thanks Dhyani I forgot to back it up so silly of me! I now have back ups of my other 2 castles and as soon as I get Meek back that is the first thing I will do. I have everything crossed as well. At least at the moment I have a fresh install of the game manger and midnight castle.

Mysty (Mysty3615)

From: Mysty (Mysty3615)


Good luck Meek, 

I'll keep you on my list and hope your totally back at some point. How frustrating. I have several friends missing, or game crashing. Like others have said above, fingers crossed & hope to see you soon!



From: MeekMonkey


Thank you Mysty, I will be back I am working a seasonal list of items that I lost as well lucky it is the weekend. Are you in my other game Patrick if I will add you if you don't mind.

In reply toRe: msg 11

From: MeekMonkey


Just a quick update, I have been asked to generate a new Id number, am still waiting for further instructions from elephant games.

Mysty (Mysty3615)

From: Mysty (Mysty3615)


Became friends with a Patrick first part of March I think. Still have patrick. If that is not you, yes please add me. Good luck with the game. Unfortunately I have had about 3 others that lost their games also. Crazy!


From: MeekMonkey


Hi Mysty I have u on all 3 of my games Aly which I gift dinosaur bones to you as I will be closing Aly down mid to late October, as it is on a desktop I will be traveling in my caravan. I also have Meek and Patrick. They are on my laptop, I will be playing both games from then on but won't be using Aly. Maybe in 3 or 5 years I may have a desktop again.

Mysty (Mysty3615)

From: Mysty (Mysty3615)


Hi Meek, Thanks for the heads up on your Aly Game. Sorry to see it go! I'm guessing this is why you posted the No Gifts message? Or would you like to receive gifts until that time?