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Looking for Liblo   Technical Issues

Started 8/18/19 by NorryUK SantaFairy (Norry6); 1020 views.

Hi Lois

Have read message on your Avatar. In my game you are now on level 7 and I'm unable to access your Anniversary Room. It says it has been updated to a more recent version. It looks like you have been hit by a glitch!! I gifted from SantaFairy this morning. Did you get it? I assume you can get into your game as you managed to change message. Please keep us informed. 



From: LibLo



I'm not to good in Delphi yet and I lost this note.  I tried to answer from someones note, but I don't know if it went.   I got what it seems to be the blackout screen.  I can see friends names, but can't gift.  I just found AEGrams directions, and I think I will try them.  Thank you for checking on me.  I really like the feeling of "family" everyone here has-its nice.


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From: Wineoclock


Hi LibLo ,  hope you get your game sorted soon you are on level 10 in my game , I play as Pearla still can' t access your room yet take care xxx


From: LibLo


Thank you both Norry6 and all others. 

Yes, I did lose my game and just started over waiting for answers back.  I CAN see my friends and Can get gifts I see, but as I am so low a level, I still can't gift back. I also Can play Your rooms even tho we can't play any others who say "updated"-to what?--nothing?!... Frustrating to say the least-to lose everything but at least friends-for now.  If anyone is able(and wants-it would help to keep me on in your rooms so I can get access to your rooms to get some money/shards built up).  I understand if you can't-it was hard for me to remember who to pass over when this all started.

Thanks everyone-it's really nice to have friends like you, Lois

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Lois -

I'll send you gifts whenever I can, no need to send any back.  Feel free to put pet eggs and crafted items on your wishlist, I'll do what I can.

Best of luck!

 - Brad the Impala

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Hi Lois don't worry I won't be deleting you. It was great to see you are now able to open your private room. I'm assuming you aren't able to open your other rooms yet. Feel free to keep using my rooms and get as much money as you can. Don't worry about gifting back I know you won't have event items. 

Take care