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Level 86 with no place to go   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/20/19 by Solgud; 865 views.

From: Solgud


I’m currently 130 points from reaching level 87. The only available quest is to search the sunken tomb which is behind a door that can only be opened once I reach level 87. (Iron knight - friendly assistance requires me to speak to Drake. Drake - second thoughts is where I’m stuck. 

Nobody else has anything for me to do. How do I reach level 87?

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From: AEGram


The very end of Level 86 quests are as follows:

Pinfeathers - Iron Knight (5 tasks)
Knight - Immortal Greed (2500) & Death's Herald (1500)
Knight - Giant's Fury (1000) & Final Battle (1000)
Knight - Naivety and Cunning (3000) & Emptiness of Existence (2500)
Knight - Drake (6 tasks) & Unequal Battle (2000) 
Drake - Visit Train Cabin & Look in Bookcase 

Since there is only one character in this Pinfeather's quest (Knight), you can't have a problem with other incomplete character quests.

It shouldn't make any difference ......but, have you crafted Unequal Battle? ..........If you have not, maybe that will trigger the Drake quests to present.

Also, this is not where the content was updated.....that was earlier in Adrian's tasks you were sent to by the, it probably isn't a problem with the arrival of the new content.

That might try the following:

1. Close out of the game......clear your cookies and cache from Edge (because MC comes across that browser) ...... do a full shutdown of your computer (not just a reboot) ......then wait about 10-15 seconds before powering it back on........when the desktop has fully loaded, you can open the game to see if Drake will talk to you. 

2. If #1 doesn't work......then again, close out of the game....and navigate to the folder: C:\users\your computer log on name\AppData\Local\Temp ........this is a hidden folder, so to navigate there, you will need to unhide your folders.....or you can just open your run line and type in the string I have written with changing "your computer log on name" to what it actually, if your user name to log onto the computer is Sally, your string would look like: C:\users\Sally\AppData\Local\Temp ................inside this folder will be other folders and in that area.....hold down the ctrl + A to highlight all of it...then hit the del button on your keyboard. ............That will send it all to your recycle bin.....please then empty your recycle bin......once you've done this....launch the game again to see if that has resolved the issue.

3. If neither of these 2 things work.......(and these instructions are for a PC player....if iOS or Android, things are a bit different) .....but, if these don't work, maybe someone else has some suggestions ..................if no one else has any golden nuggets of success to offer, then you're experiencing a game software issue and will need to contact Big Fish or Elephant Games support people.

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In my notes, I have the 4th Quest of the Knight (Visit Drake for 6 tasks and craft the Unequal Battle as AEG said), then I show the first task of Drake in the Forbidden Tower (visit the Train Cabin and Look into the Bookcase).  Upon completion of Drakes first task, I leveled up to 87, then went on with Drake's second task (search the Sunken Tomb and fix the Alchemic Converter). 

Did you level up after Drake's first task and remember to open the Sunken Tomb you must first open Ghost Grotto.  For that you need to be Level 87 plus 15,000 coins.  Do you have the coins?


From: AEGram


All excellent points, whitebutterfly54!!!! ..............points that I overlooked/missed.


From: Solgud


I’ve finished Drakes first task but didn’t level up. I’m still 130 points short of 87. I’ve fixed the alchemic converter and I’ve crafted the unequal battle. 

The only available task is to open the sunken tomb but since I haven’t leveled up I can’t get there. I have enough coins but not enough experience. 

Such a weird problem to have. Has nobody else experienced this? 

I’m playing on IOS. Might have to send in a ticket.

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From: Solgud


Thank you  but I’m on IOS so all I can do is close the game and possible delete and reload which I don’t want to do because I’ve lost my game 1-2 times before. 

I didn’t level up where I apparently should have. I was hoping there was some magical way of getting extra experience but I guess I’ll be sending in a new ticket. 

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Okay, either I'm dumb as a doorknob or you have a real bona fide glitch on your hands.   If you've fixed the Alchemic Converter, you should already be on Level 87.  That's Drake's second quest...Search the Sunken Tomb and Fix the Alchemic Converter.  So you're actually on Drake's second quest but your game says Level 86?  That's really strange.

Double check everything (which I'm sure you've already done, but doesn't hurt to do it again).  Check Pinfeathers, check the Knight from Underworld to make doubly sure all his tasks are done and double check that Drake in Forbidden Tower doesn't have a task left over.

Sometimes when you do one task out of the two for a character, that character's pic will disappear and you'll think you've finished them.  Don't rely on the characters' pics along the left side.  Go directly to each one and make sure all tasks are  done.


From: Solgud


I am more inclined to believe it’s the latter. It wouldn’t be the first time my game has glitched in a unique, fun way. I’ve had my game disappear from the face of the earth. It was nowhere to be found and the game devs had to manually recreate it, every item, coin and achievement etc (I told them what I remembered and got a random assortment of the rest. They even threw in the tournament achievements which made me giddy. I never would have been able to finish those on my own. Got 2 sporty avatars to show for it).

I’ve also had a weird event glitch where I got some parts of the event and not others. I had Halloween daily quests and ghosts but no decorations and no morphing pumpkins. That one was weird.