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Mary Cricket Videos - Primary Goal Artifacts in Action   Achievements and Musings

Started Aug-22 by MaryCricket (Wisp1463); 649 views.

Introduction to Midnight Castle

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Revealing the Secret Door with Uncle Vesnik's Compass

Unlocking the Secret Door with the Key Ring and Receiving Valeria's Diary from Keeper of the Castle

Note  the Keeper of the Castle does not get revealed till Level 18

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Valeria’s ghost appears in the Curse of the Dungeon by using Valeria’s Diary

Valeria's Ghost disappears after using the Vial of Memories

Unlocking the Underground Grotto with the Blossom Charm

Unlocking the Mystery Chamber with the Ring of Runes

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Riding Griffin appears at the Castle Gates - level 29

The Unicorn appears in the Throne Room - Level 29

Coming Soon - the Griffin Horn

Will be placing the Griffin Horn -  the Griffin flies from the Castle Gates to open Cloud Pier - Cloud City

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Placing the Expedition Lamp


Metro Gates Wheel

Gnome Emblem

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Fairy Serpent flies from  Cloud Pier to open Elvyn Forest and Pond of Life

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Jeronimo is ready to fight the Elemental of the Abyss

Jeronimo fights the Elemental of the Abyss

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For Videos to come

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Well everyone I think I know how to do it without having Youtube involved.

What I  have to do is 

Upload the video from my iPad and make sure it get uploaded with Public viewing  to  my Facebook page then I  will get a enbedded code that everyone can see.

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Making more space for everyone to enjoy